Do You Consume The Same Amount Of Protein On Days You Do Not Work Out?

There seems to be a lot of confusion amongst aspiring weight trainers as to how much protein one should be getting on workout days and non workout days.

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As we all know, protein is that magical nutrient that is primarily responsible for muscle repair and growth.

Protein Builds Muscle.

Without an adequate supply of protein, your body will not support any kind of muscle growth.

If you supply your body with the optimum amount of protein, you ensure optimal growth. After all, you want to build muscle and to do that, you need a steady supply of high quality protein.

Now, this is very important. You must always strive to get the same amount of protein, day in and day out, regardless of your workout schedule. Why?

1) Keep The Body In Positive Nitrogen Balance

To build muscle, you must be in a positive nitrogen balance. A positive nitrogen balance means that the body is retaining dietary protein and using it to synthesize new tissue.

If more nitrogen is excreted than was consumed, the nitrogen balance would be negative. The body has actually lost nitrogen which means lost protein. You don't want this.

You want to keep your body in a positive nitrogen balance each and every day. I strongly suggest keeping your protein intake the same each day, regardless if you're on a workout day or not. The only exception is your post workout protein shake.

2) Your Body Prefers Protein Consistency

I've found that I've gotten the best results with a consistent eating pattern and protein intake. I honestly believe that your body grows best when it knows there is a consistent eating pattern in place.

When there is a consistent protein pattern in place, your body “learns” when to expect protein.

It's when you deviate from this eating pattern that your body will react in different ways. I know from experience that if I change my meals for two or three days, my workouts will suffer because I've either missed meals or I've reduced my protein intake.

Even if I increase my protein intake, my body may react in negative ways. It's for this reason that I if I change my protein intake, I will do so in small increments.

The only exception should be your post workout shake.

Given the above noted points, it's important that you keep each and every meal consistent, each and every day.

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