Horizon Fitness EX 44 Elliptical Trainer Review

horizon ex 44 elliptical trainer

The Horizon ex 44 elliptical trainer elliptical trainer is Horizon Fitness' mid level elliptical model ($999).


  • Length: 4.6' (56 In)
  • Width: 2.1' (26 In)
  • Height: 5.4' (65 In)
  • Weight: 170 Pounds

At 170 pounds, the Horizon Fitness ex 44 elliptical trainer elliptical trainer is a middle to heavy weight elliptical trainer. Although the dimensions are just about the same as the Horizon ex 22 elliptical trainer, the ex 44 is about 20 pounds heavier due to the fact that it uses floor stabilizers on the sides.

Given the dimensions and weight of the ex 44, it’s pretty compact. Although, the ex 44 elliptical trainer doesn’t come with wheels, it may be difficult to transport from room to room.

Adjustable resistance/peddles

  • magnetic resistance system
  • 20 resistance levels
  • 14 pound fly wheel
  • Pivoting foot peddles

There are 20 resistance levels for the Horizon ex 44. More than enough resistance levels that can accommodate the beginner and advanced user.

The EX 44 uses a 14 pound flywheel which is very light. I find heavier elliptical fly wheels to be more desirable since they offer a smoother ride, especially at the top end of the movement where you will most likely experience sticking points.

The Horizon ex 44 also uses a front end fly wheel system. I more used to rear end elliptical trainers and I prefer these elliptical machines to front end. I find front end elliptical trainers feel more like steppers than elliptical machines. Maybe it’s the elliptical trainers I’ve used but that’s how it feels to me.

Elliptical stride

  • 18" Diameter stride

An 18" stride is always desirable. The great thing that I do like about Horizon elliptical trainers is that they tend to have longer strides for elliptical machines under $1,000.

Display/control panel

Large blue back lit LCD readout with quick speed keys;

  • Calories Burned
  • Pulse Monitor or optional telemetric heart control via chest strap
  • Speed
  • Time Elapse
  • Speakers
  • Water bottle holder
  • Built in work out fan
  • Extra compartment to hold mp3 player
    12 volt

Although the readouts are a little thin compared to other elliptical trainers in this price range. I would have liked to have at least seen calories burned and resistant levels.


10 pre set programs:

  • 7 Interval workout programs
  • 2 custom
  • 1 heart rate program

A pretty standard package given the price of the horizon ex 44 elliptical trainer. Although I do like the fact that it comes with a heart rate program. This option is a pretty cool program because you exercise according to your heart rate as opposed to your heart rate matching that of the exercise. Most times, you have to totally exhaust yourself to match the exercise.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds

The Horizon ex 44 elliptical trainer elliptical trainer is a middle/heavy weight elliptical trainer. Because it’s got side floor stabilizers you will find it’s a little more steady during the movement. As you can see, it can handle about 300 pounds which is comforting to know. It can accommodate most users in your family.

Heart rate monitor

Pulse grip or optional telemetric heart rate monitor via chest strap

Dual action handle bars

  • Yes

Warranty and service

  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • 12 year warranty on brake
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Considering the price, this is a pretty good warranty package and comparable to other top brands in this price range.

Price/cost effectiveness

  • $999.00

I think the Horizon ex 44 is a pretty solid elliptical trainer for under $1,000. With an expansive 18" elliptical stride and more than enough resistance levels and programs to choose from, you get a pretty good elliptical machine. Pretty good value for just under $1,000.

For the price, the Horizon ex 44 is a solid elliptical trainer. You get a well built elliptical trainer with some very nice features, an expansive elliptical stride, and a pretty strong warranty. If you are a big fan of Horizon elliptical trainers, this is one elliptical you might like.

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