Home Made Supplement Secrets Review

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m always on the look out for any supplement that will help me attain my goals faster. I’m sure that if you’re reading this page now, you are too.

As hard working weight trainers, we bust our butts in the gym and watch our diets closely but there is always that little extra something that we’re always on the look out for. You know, just in case it helps us bench a little more, gives us a little more energy, or helps us to burn a little extra fat off.

However, I’m always dumbfounded when I try and do some product research from the muscle magazines and internet. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of marketing crap you see in the magazines and internet. Let me give you an example. I just finished taking a physical count of the amount of pages in a very popular fitness magazine. In total, there are 175 pages. Of those 175 pages there are approximately 94 pages of supplement ads. Can you believe that? Over half of the content of this popular magazine consists of supplement ads!

On top of that, there are these “special reports” spread out through the magazine from”reputable” fitness and strength experts that provide nothing more than marketing information on the companies product. Reports such as “how I gained 4 inches on my arms”, “supplement truths revealed”, and other “special reports” that are all aimed at one thing, getting the most cash from your wallet.

Is it any wonder why a lot of use hard working weight trainers are so confused when we are looking to purchase a nutritional supplement?

So, when I found out that there was a new e-book, by Jeff Anderson called “Home Made Supplement Secrets”, I knew I had to get a copy. After forking over $27 for the e-book, I read the material in the book, not once, but twice. You know what?

This e-book made me crazy mad. While I was reviewing this e-book, I felt the blood in my veins start to boil. It never fails, I simply cannot remain calm when I see what is happening to the supplement industry and how it is affecting the average, hard working weight trainer.

Over the years, supplements have taken a huge shift in the quantities produced, prices charged, and the marketing tactics used. There are literally hundreds of supplement companies who overcharge for sub-par ingredients using slimy, downright underhanded marketing tactics. The marketing tactics are evolving rapidly with one thing in mind, to get the most dollars from your wallet, as soon as possible.

Anyways, as I read through the material of “Home Made Supplement Secrets”, I couldn’t help but feel very, very stupid. The book really made me think about the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on supplements that only a 1/4 of the products did the job they were claimed to do. I can say this. I will never look at a sport supplement the same. I can also say that I will never buy an overpriced supplement product that I can produce better myself.

What really made me think was that everyone of us is physically and emotionally different. There’s not one person out there who is exactly the same as I am and therefore, my needs will be totally different than everyone else’s. So, what I came to realize is that all of the supplements on the market today are made for “one size fits all”. This is not an effective way to utilize supplements. My needs will be drastically different than someone who weights 130 pounds (I weight 240 pounds). Serving size and portions will be very different between each trainer. I knew this before but after reading Home Made Supplement Secrets it really hit home.

With that in mind, I will never buy an over the counter supplement again and will start to customize all of my supplements for my body type and weight. Did you know most pro body builders use custom supplements made specifically for them? Yep, these supplements are made specifically for their body weight and type.

“What Did I Think Of Home Made Supplement Secrets?”

I loved it!

It’s about time someone came up with an e-book such as this. The e-book spares no one and takes apart the supplement industry and the marketing tactics used by these companies. The chapters “marketing supplements exposed” and “the good, the bad, and the ugly” are must reads by every serious weight trainer who is interested in supplements.

There are about 7 chapters in Home Made Supplement Secrets with about 190 pages. The first 5 chapters takes a good, hard look at the current supplement industry taking you on a very, educational “supplement” ride. Believe me, these are not filler chapters and will give you an eye opening look at the supplement industry and you will never look at a supplement or supplement ad the same way. These chapters alone will save you hundreds of dollars in the near future. There are about 50 pages to these chapters.

After chapter 5, you start to get into the real meat of the e-book. Not that chapters 1 to 5 were bad, on the contrary, they were great, but I wanted to know how to make No-Xplode in my own kitchen without having to spend 80 bucks for a 30 day supply.

Chapter 6 takes a look at your very own supplement lab. No, it’s not what your thinking. You don’t need a conveyor belt with a mini assembly line and metal contraptions. This chapter shows you what you need in order to start making your very own, customized supplements. You probably have some of these items in your kitchen but for a few dollars extra, you can have the equipment necessary to start making your supplements today. For about $75 to $100 you can have a complete set up that will continue to save you thousands of dollars in the future for over the counter supplements.

This chapter shows you exactly what you need, what they are used for and where to get them. This chapter alone is worth the $27 price for the e-book.

Chapter 7 is the big one and is about 123 pages. This is the main reason why I purchased “Home Made Supplement Secrets”. I wanted to know how to make some of the top supplements. I wasn’t disappointed. For example, did you know you can make Gakic at home for 1/10 of the retail price and just as effective, if not better? I just finished checking the price of Gakic and it retails at $65 for a 30 day supply. For just under $10, you can get the same ingredients for a 30 day supply. In about 10 minutes, you can effectively produce a 30 day supply with the list of ingredients supplied and where to purchase them.

Here’s a big one. MRI was one of the very first companies to introduce nitric oxide to the market in the form of arginine alpha ketoglutarate. The retail price for this product when it was introduced went for about $130 for a 30 day supply. Today, you can get the retail product for just under $100. Did you know you can reproduce the same formula (or very close to it) for just $18 for a 30 day supply?

Here’s another one. No-Xplode by BSN goes for about $75 for a 30 day supply. You can duplicate this formula (or very close to it), for about $30. Or how about Leukic. A 30 day supply will go for about $65 – retail. You can get all the necessary ingredients and reproduce this supplement for just under $7 for a 30 day supply.

Here are just some of the other supplements you can produce at a 1/3 of the retail price.

• Muscle Milk by Cytosport;
• Hydroxycut by MuscleTech;
• Cell Mass by BSN;
• Cell Tech Hardcore by MuscleTech;
• Aplodan by MuscleTech;
• Lipo 6 by Nutex;
• Redline by VPX;
• Leukic by MuscleTech;
• Catapult by EAS;
• No Xplode by BSN

And a bunch more.

Jeff Anderson breaks the supplements down into 8 categories as follows:

• Energy/Pre Workout Aids;
• Mass Gainers;
• Muscle Builders;
• Fat Burners;
• Sports Performance;
• Post Workout Recovery;
• Nitric Oxide Enhancers;
• Hormone Boosters.

In each category, Jeff takes the top 3 best sellers and takes a good hard look at each of the primary and ancillary ingredients. Each ingredient is analysed for effectiveness.

After each product is analysed, Mr. Anderson provides you with a “knock off” recipe for that particular supplement. For example, under “fat burners” for MuscleTech’s Hydroxycut, Mr, Anderson provides you with all the necessary ingredients and directions on how to mix them properly.

Jeff Anderson also provides a supplementary book that provides you with a list of all the suppliers of these bulk ingredients with direct links to the suppliers web site and contact information. Did you know you can get a 100 day supply of top end creatine ethyl ester malate for about $30? A 100 day supply for this kind of creatine from a retail company will go for about $80 – $100.

I am very excited about the supplement possibilities. I am in the process of ordering my first batch of ingredients to make my own customized “muscle builder” blend. I already know which ingredients work so I am ordering in bulk from Jeff’s listed suppliers.

You see, the problem I have with today’s supplements is that they are in the wrong dose for my body size and no supplement company has all the ingredients that I want, all in one supplement. For a supplement company to produce the supplement I am looking for, it will cost them too much money to manufacture. Here’s an example of a post workout drink that I would like to see:

Mass Formula I

• 40 to 50 grams protein (preferably BCAA’s – Leucine 2:1);
• 50 grams fast acting carbs (dextrose);
• 50 grams medium acting carbs (maltodextrin);
• 5 to 10 grams creating ethyl ester or tricreatine malate;
• 10 grams glutamine;
• 300 mg alpha lipoic acid;
• 2 gram of glycocyamine

For a supplement company to produce this type of formula, it would cost close to a $100 retail at the local GNC. I can overcome this problem by ordering all the ingredients in bulk and producing this formula for under 50$ per month. I need to customize my whole supplement schedule in order to get what I’m looking for.

Here’s my suggestion for all of you reading. If you are interested in trying supplements or are already taking them, go over to Jeff Anderson’s site called “Home Made Supplement Secrets” and buy yourself a copy of the e-book. It will be the best $27 you’ve spent in a long time.

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Blake Bissaillion

Blake has been weight lifting for about 28 years now. He's 45 years of age and started seriously training when he was 18 years old.

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