Hardcore Powder by Precision Engineered

precision engineered hardcore creatine

This is a review for Precision Engineered's Hardcore Powder and GNC's L-Glutamine. I purchased the Hardcore Powder by Precision Engineered and GNC's L-Glutmanine for $65.

The Creatine was a good long term supplement that I recommend to all lifters and athletes. It helped me acquire huge gains in all my lifts, going from benching 320 to 345 in a matter of weeks.

The glutamine helped my muscles recover over night and it seems to have flared my testosterone levels so my appetite kicked in and I gained about 20 pounds.

It also helped me sleep better. Whey Protein was something I just threw in every so often and it just threw on extra weight and energy to put out.

You have to take these supplements as recommended, not just as you think you should... Sometimes more isn't always better.

You'll notice a GRADUAL change in strength and power with all these supplements, it's not instant, but its perfect for anyone going long term and its damn cheap!

I'm going to give these supplements a 4.5 out of 5

- Review submitted by Nick

*Editors Note*

If I'm not mistaken, Precision Engineered is a GNC brand.

The Hardcore Powder Creatine from GNC more or less a simple creatine monohydrate powder. Each 5 gram serving contains 5 grams of creatine monohydrate powder. There are no other ingredients listed on the label so this product is a 1st generation creatine powder.

The price for a 510 gram container is $18.00. Each container holds about a hundred servings (For a single 5 gram serving). Each serving will cost you about $.18. Very cost effective. There is nothing fancy about this product but it will work at helping your build more strength.

GNC's L-Glutamine powder comes in 3 sizes:

- 8 ounce container - $19.99
- 1 pound container - $39.99
- 2 pound container - $74.99

A 5 gram serving (1tsp) contains 5 grams of glutamine and nothing else. There are 45 servings for the 8 ounce container which will cost you $.44 per serving.

There are 90 servings in the 1 pound container costing you about $.44 per serving. There are 181 servings in the 2 pound container costing you about $.41.


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