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We all want to build bigger and stronger muscles. It's why we work so hard in the gym. I mean, we don't go to the gym just for the hell of it, we go because we know that deep down, we want to see progress for our efforts. It's because of this that we use various supplement concoctions to help us speed up the muscle building process. The key word here being speed. We want gains and we want them now!

This explains why I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas that will help me build muscle faster.

Recently, I came across an article that stated:

Green tomatoes may help build bigger, stronger muscles

What the hell?! What do green tomatoes have to do with building muscle?

Apparently, a green tomato produces a natural compound called “Tomatidine” which holds certain properties that may have the potential to treat muscle atrophy (shrinking muscles). According to a recent study performed by the University of Iowa, researchers concluded that tomatidine has the ability to grow larger, bigger and more efficient muscles.

Using a tool called “Connectivity Map”, Research Christopher Adams, an associate professor of internal medicine and molecular physiology and biophysics discovered that Tomatidine generates positive gene expressions opposite to that of muscle cell atrophy. Essentially reversing the muscle atrophy gene expression.

In the experiment, the researchers found that mice supplemented with Tomatidine became stronger, grew bigger muscles and had the ability to exercise longer than those mice not supplemented with Tomatidine. In addition, the mice supplemented with Tomatidine maintained a constant weight suggesting a corresponding fat loss element to Tomatidine.

“Interestingly, although mice fed tomatidine had larger muscles, their overall body weight did not change due to a corresponding loss of fat, suggesting that the compound may also have potential for treating obesity,” Adams noted.

Very interesting. However, there is an ocean of physiological differences between mice and humans. Who knows if Tomatidine will have any effect on muscle gene expressions in humans? Unfortunately there haven't been any official studies (that I know of) done on humans.


A while back (4 year ago) I performed a personal experiment using a supplement called Endothil CR. Endothil CR is a supplement developed by Novex Biotech which uses a variety of seed extracts, one of which, green tomato extract is the active ingredient. At the time, I had no clue that the main compound of this supplement is Tomatidine. All I knew was that it contained green tomato extract.

The actual ingredient breakdown of Endothil CR was (It's not manufactured in this form any longer).

Proprietary Blend 9mg

-Green Tomato SE

-Grape Seed SE

-Green Tea SE



I purchased a 12 week supply of this supplement at a cost for a total cost of $180.00 (Canadian). For the experiment I kept everything constant including my diet, routine, supplement, rest, and sleep patterns. Nothing changed except the addition of Endothil CR.

The results? It worked. You can read about my experiment and review here .

Who knows, maybe it was a combination of the above mentioned ingredients or perhaps Tomatidine does indeed work. However, the bottom line is that I know when something works and doesn't work for my body. In this case, it worked. I definitely noticed a positive difference in my strength.

Will Tomatidine work for you? That depends on a variety of factors. Just a bit of caution here. Don't expect to go to the grocery store to stock up on green tomatoes. Nobody really knows what the exact dosage of green tomato is needed. In addition, nobody really knows about the toxicity of stuff.

Unfortunately, the original Endothil CR formula doesn't exist anymore. It's been replaced by “Endothil Pre Workout” which also contains L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and caffeine as its secondary ingredients. The formula still uses green tomato extract as its main ingredient. I haven't tried this product because I can't handle caffeine before my workouts. From what I read, the reviews have been pretty positive.

Bodybuilding.com sells the new Endothil CR formula (I'm not affiliate with bodybuilding.com).

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