Spice Your Weight Training Sessions Up With High Powered Workout Music

I remember hearing a quote from Joe Gold (I think), that his gym is like a church. There should only be silence with no music or chatter, only the clatter of plates. I remember training at these gyms and let me tell you, it can be boring.

Gyms today are loaded with surround sound speakers and the music blares very, very loudly. I think gym owners have caught onto the fact that people enjoy music when their weight training.

Who can blame them? Personally I love to weight train with good workout music. Music can be very inspiring and it can be that one factor that brings you over a hump when you first start weight training.

I think it is very important that you add music to your weight training program. Firstly, good workout music can stir up inspirational emotions that gets your heart going and the muscles moving.

Ever try doing a heavy set of squats when your tired and unmotivated? Well, music can help with that. Add some of your most inspirational music and you'll be tearing the squat rack up.

Secondly, workout music can help with those boring cardio sessions. There's nothing worse than having to do 40 minutes of cardio with no music going.

I find that if I put on some good workout music which can be either rock or dance tunes, I get through my cardio sessions much easier.

Today, you can even get ready made cardio sessions for your ipod or mp3 player. A pretty good idea for those of you who don't know what to do or how to do your cardio.

iTrain is one of the more popular systems in the “virtual fitness training” area. You basically decide on the workout you want, whether that may be strength training or cardio, download the package onto your preferred mp3 player and off you go.

You have a personal trainer right in your mp3 player and you can do the program at home or in the gym. It's a complete customized fitness package. I think it's a pretty cool idea because they have complete packages for different types of cardio, strength training, and yoga/stretching.

When I weight train, I enjoy my own workout music. I don't really enjoy listening to top 40 music or radio commercials when I'm working out so I'll bring my own music either through my trusty ipod or XM radio satellite. My ipod carries all of my favourite tunes so I'll set up play lists for each part of my weight training sessions.

I'll listen to my most inspirational tunes for my heavy lifting and more up beat dance tunes for my cardio sessions. I'll also use my XM radio if I want something different. I'll attach the small antenna to my sleeve and carry the receiver in my tot bag around my waist.

When it comes to my workout music, I'll hand pick what I need and download them onto my ipod. I have a 20 gig ipod so I'll usually have a good stock of good workout music ready for my weight training sessions.

I'll categorize them according to my play lists and stick the tunes under each play list which may be weight training or cardio tunes.

You can get a 2 gig ipod shuffle for about $60, which can hold about 300 songs. Now, if you don't want an ipod, you can get a cheap mp3 player at your local Walmart or Circuit City and use that. A 2 gig mp3 player can go for as cheap as $50.

If your looking for ready made music programs for your weight training or cardio sessions, check out the following sites for some high energy workout music:

• http://www.powermusic.com

• http://www.workoutmusic.com

Remember to add some inspirational music to your weight training or cardio program and add another element of motivation in order to reach your goals.

All the best,


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