Get Rid of Fat!! 12 Week Fat Burning Program

getting rid of fat program

Are you Looking to Lose Weight, Get Fit and Feel Great – But Aren’t Sure Where to Start? 

Dear Friend:

I understand that you're frustrated.

If you've put on a few pounds over the years or if you have struggled most of your life with a weight problem, you don't want to fall prey to empty promises.

You want to lose the weight so that you feel better, look better and most importantly, so that you improve your long-term health.

If you've been feeling like your battle with the bulge is overwhelming, you are not alone.

With weight problems and obesity rates increasing significantly over the past quarter century, fat loss and weight loss is on the minds of millions.

Because we want you to succeed on your journey to weight loss and better health, we are offering a Getting Rid of Fat guide! This comprehensive guide gives you all the tools you need to use to lose the fat. This guide is perfect for:

- The beginning exerciser who has little knowledge of proper exercise and eating plans to lose weight.

- The infrequent exerciser who could use a little help with eating plans and exercise routines.

- Even the intermediate exerciser who will benefit from the Getting Rid of Fat guide as it offers additional tips and exercise strategies just for you.

You will love how easy it is to understand the information presented in the Getting Rid of Fat guide. By following the 12-week program included, and making major lifestyle changes, you will be on your way to shedding pounds of fat…in no time!

At your fingertips, the guide provides you with:

- Detailed eating plans using everyday foods that are quick to whip up, healthy and delicious.

- A 12-week exercise program detailing your cardio workouts and strength training routines. Complete with illustrations and descriptions.

- Information on fat loss and why it is so important to your long-term health.

- Interesting and revealing tips and tricks to help you ensure the fat stays off – permanently!

With this guide, you can get into shape more quickly, stay motivated and improve your health.

There is no magical pill that will take the weight off safely and effectively. According to the Mayo Clinic, the only proven method for weight loss success is a combination of healthier eating choices and regular cardio and strength training exercise.

The hard work and determination have to be from you, but the guide can help you every step of the way.

Here's a sneak peak of the information you'll find in the Getting Rid of Fat guide:

• What is fat?
• How your body stores fat
• Do you need to lose weight / fat?
• Body mass index – how to use it
• Lose weight – live longer
• Beware the fad
• Water – it does a body good
• Physical activity – the key to sustainable fat loss
• What types of exercise?
• When to exercise?
• How to get started?
• Tips and tricks
• The eating plan
• The 12 week exercise routine
• Fat blasting circuit training routine
• Keeping yourself motivated
• Tips and tricks on losing weight and burning fat
• Daily workout planner
• Editable exercise log and chart
• Editable diet log and chart
• Editable meal planner and chart

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So, if you are sick of the fad diets and the miracle pills and you are fed up with feeling tired, rundown, unattractive and undesirable, then you've found your solution! A tried and true weight and fat loss program that you've been searching for.

Here are just a few of the exercises in the 12 week fat busting program:

You will recieve the entire program that takes you by that hand and shows you the best time to train for maximum fat loss, elliptical exercise program, complete descriptions, and sets and repetitions.

If you are interested in burning maximum body fat and get into the best shape of your life,

Cost is only $5!!

With sincere regards,

Blake Bissaillion
Owner, Building Muscle101

As the owner of Building Muscle 101, I am committed to providing you the best practical weight training advice. I've been training for over 24 years (and still train to this day!) and the advice and guidance I provide comes directly from my experience and knowledge.

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