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1. How To Gain 20 Pounds Of Muscle;

2. Want To Add An Inch To Your Arms? One day arm blitzing routine;

3. Is The Hemodilator No2 Real? A personal review of the hemodilator no2;

4. Muscle Building Recipe...Tasty beef stroganoff;

First off, let me apologize to all of you who haven't recieved a response for your emails. I appreciate all of your questions but I simply have too many questions too respond to so if I haven't responded to your emails and questions, please accept my apologizes.

Now, let's get on with this months tips and techniques.

How To Gain 20 Pounds Of Muscle

Jonathan Perez has written a new manual for hardgainers.

It's not a bad program and it could actually benefit some of you hard gainers out there.

The program is called "From Skinny To Muscular - How To Gain 30 - 50 Pounds - Without Supplements".

Now, Jonathan does a pretty good job at explaining to you the process of building muscle and is a fairly straight forward read at 116 pages. He breaks the process down into 2 major sections...Weight training and Nutrition. Now, the interesting part of Jonathan's program is the training section.

He uses an old principle in weight training called "rest-pause" that is super effective if you know how to use it. This style of training can seriously add slabs of beef to your frame, if used properly.

Of course, Jonathan explains it to a tee and adds his own twist to the system that looks quite plausible to me. He lays out the whole program right down to the last set and rep. He shows you how much weight you should be using and what times you should be working out, how much rest you need, etc...Nothing is left out.

I've seen other programs that offer the same old training advice but I must admit, this one offers something a little different that could possibly be of some real use for those of you who want some serious muscle.

There is nothing really special about the nutrition section but let's face it, it is the training program that's being sold here. According to this program, you can make double the gains in half the time.

Now, that's a big statement. However, after reading this manual, I am somewhat convinced that it will work. Why? The magical touch he adds to the "rest-pause" system. He doesn't have you do 20 sets per body part. On the contrary, he has you do 3/4 less "volume" and he adds much more intensity via the rest pause system.

I'm sure you will be quite pleased at this program. If your looking for muscle building program and don't want the same old "song and dance" stuff, than you might want to check this program out.

Check it out at:

From Skinny To Muscular dot com

Want To Add An Inch To Your Arms? The one day arm blitzing routine

I get a ton of email from people who want to build arm size. Building massive arms takes time, commitment and patience. However, there is a routine that you can use to really pack on the arm mass...Kind of like an underground arm training routine.

If you follow this routine to a tee and are committed to going through with it, you can see some serious results within a week.

This routine is for those of you who really want to build massive arms. Now, this routine is not an easy one so it should only be attempted by serious weight trainers.

check out the full routine here:

Building Big Arms

If your committed to building big arms and want to put in the work, take a look at this routine.

Is The Hemodilator No2 Real? A personal review of the hemodilator no2

The Hemodilator No2 has been getting alot of publicity over the last couple of years. The product makes some pretty big claims that are turning alot of heads in the fitness and bodybuilding world - Yours truly included.

So what's the big deal with the Hemodilator No2? Does it work? Can it boost strength and build massive muscles? Is it worth the price?

Well, I finally broke down and bought 3 bottles of the stuff to see if it worked. I'm just finishing up my 3rd bottle. If you want to see if it worked, please see my review here:

Hemodilator N02 Review

Muscle Building Recipe...Tasty beef stroganoff

Looking for a tasty, muscle building dish for your dinner? Try this recipe and I'm sure it will be a part of your regular dinners.

Beef Stroganoff

Well, that's it for this month. Please, if you don't want to recieve anymore emails, simply hit the unsubscribe button of the bottom of this email and you won't recieve any more emails.

Make sure to stay tuned for next months tips. I've got more routines for you too try!

All the best,

Blake Bissaillion

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