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Believe me, if I can gain quality muscle, anyone can. You see, for alot of people, gaining weight and quality size can be a daunting task.

Whether you are trying to put on size for football, hockey, baseball, or just trying to add some muscle size to look better, gaining that extra pound or two can seem next to impossible.

If you are frustrated to the point of giving up, please read on...

You see, building muscle has a certain formula that needs to be followed and it's in this formula that you will unlock your bodies true potential.

Let me explain using my experience as an example.

When I first started out training, I weighed in at a thunderous 145 pounds at a height of about 5' 9". I was dreadfully skinny kid. I desperately wanted to gain body weight and muscle so I could start playing hockey with the big boys.

I started reading the muscle magazines and anything else that I could get my hands on that would show me how to gain weight.

At the time, I was training at my local high school using the universal weight machines. If you're not familiar with this device, it's basically a total gym that uses weight stacks for it's resistance.

My training buddy and I decided that we were going to follow the Arnold Schwarzenegger workout routine. I would train my whole body six times a week and max out on the bench press every day.

I actually thought this was the only way we were going to build muscle! I wanted to build muscle so bad that I thought going to the gym every day and training like a maniac for 3 hours straight was the only way to do it.

My buddies and I thought this was the only way to go because, well, Arnold said so! You have to remember that the Arnold workouts are for advanced and professional bodybuilders. We were by no means anywhere near professional bodybuilders!

Any ways, this worked great for about two months. I figured that if it worked so far why not double what I was doing? If your getting results, why not double the workout time and get double the muscle size and strength.

Well, that didn't happen. My body said "enough" and at that point, my gains started to stagnate and I even started to lose weight! I was severely overtraining and my muscles was shrinking because I wasn't following the three principles of building muscle. When I think about it now, I wasn't even following one principle. The three principles to building muscle are:

1) smart training
2) intelligent nutrition
3) quality rest

I didn't have a clue how to train, I had no diet whatsoever that was conducive to building muscle and I didn't give my body a chance to rest. The result? injuries and muscle shrinking.

After more frustration, I decided to join our local gym where I befriended the owners. There were two owners, one was a body builder and the other was a powerlifter.

After some discussions with the owners, they put me on a "real diet" and a training program that cut my training time by 3/4. The powerlifter taught me the 3 principles of building muscle size and strength.

His motto was "eat large, train strict and heavy and get your rest!". The result, I started to grow and grow.

My bodyweight jumped from a puny 145 pounds to a rock hard 185 pounds in 6 months. My bench press jumped from 170 pounds to 240 pounds. I learned how to do the core exercises right, and as a result, started to gain muscle.

At last, I found some of the secrets to building real muscle! The three golden rules of building large, lasting size! I ate about 1,000 calories above my base caloric intake, trained strict and heavy and got plenty of rest.

My workouts exploded and my strength skyrocketed. After another 3 months, my bodyweight climbed to 215 pounds and my bench press exploded to 285 pounds. Talk about excitment!

One of my training buddies decided that the advice from the gym owners was a crock and he kept on with the Arnold workouts. He kept on overtraining and I kept on growing. After 5 months, I left him in the dust. He thought I was "on something".

Ok, how can this all apply to your efforts? I guess you can say that building muscle and strength is something that can be accomplished with the right information and techniques. You see:

If I Can Do This Then You Can Too!

I'm nobody special. I'm by no means a professional bodybuilder or a world class powerlifter. I'm simply a former skinny guy who found an effective way to build healthy size and strength.

Actually, it's always been there but it's just that the every day Joe just doesn't know the system.

The majority of diets out there today focus on losing weight but what about gaining weight? There's vitrually nothing out there that will show you how to effectively gain quality weight and muscle.

With this in mind, I decided to put together a guide that will show you how to start adding muscle size and gaining healthy weight using the 3 principles of building muscle.

The guide includes all the information and techniques you need to know. I've used these very same techniques to gain weight and also, use this information to add muscle any time of my choosing.

That's right, if you can understand the 3 principles, you can gain weight (and lose if for that matter) any time you want. There are tips on nutrition, menus, 15 week weight training programs, and secrets that will help you build muscle, fast!

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