Fizogen Blitz Cycle Review

fizogen blitz cycle

I paid $59.99 for Fizogen "Blitz Cycle" at GNC (on sale).

You get hugh pumps during your workout. You can feel the blood rushing to your muscles. I would definitely buy it again.

Out of 5, I give this supplement a 3.  Nothing will ever compare to the "old" Hydroxycut when they made it with Ephedrine.

- Review submitted by Nate

*Editors Note*

Fizogen has been around for about 10 years or so. This company produces a myriad of sports supplements.

Fizogen operates out of Wellington, Florida.

The Blitz Cycle is more or less, a nitric oxide and creatine supplement. The price, at this time, for 200 caplets is about $50.00 USD. According to the label, each 4 caplet serving contains the following:

• 3 grams of arginine
• 1 gram of creatine
• 500 mcg ecdysterone

Now, when it comes to arginine and nitric oxide, I'm not a total believer that it works. I've tried more than my share of arginine to stimulate nitric oxide release and to tell you the truth, I didn't feel a thing in the gym.

As for creatine, we all know this stuff works - No Doubt. In this case, it is the amount of creatine that will make a difference. 1 gram is not a whole lot.

As for ecdysterone, this stuff doesn't work. There have been no conclusive evidence in any studies to prove this stuff works. According to the Blitz Cycle label, this stuff is supposed to be the most "powerful anabolic compound commercially available".

It is also supposed to be as active in terms of anabolic activity as Dianabol (androgen - steroid - illegal). When I read something that compares it's ingredients to illegal steroids, I immediately put up red flags.

There is a reason why Dianobol is illegal - It's dangerous. To put your product in that category is simply crazy.

I've tried ecdysterone and it was a complete waste of money.

In my honest opinion, you are basically paying $50.00 for a bit of arginine and creatine (not much at that).

A single caplet will cost you about $.25 USD and a serving will cost you $.60. I think you can get better and more active ingredients in other products that I feel, will produce better results.

To be fair, I've never actually tried this product.

However, I've tried taking all the listed ingredients separately and together (in other forumulas), and 2 out of the listed ingredients in the Blitz Cycle don't work (in my opinion).


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