How To Get Fitness Model Lower Ab


Fitness models always seem to possess the most aesthetic and defined physiques.

They also possess achievable physiques, contrary to body builders who aim to pack on heaps of muscle mass and can resemble circus acts instead of real human beings.

The defining characteristic of just about every fitness model is an incredibly chiseled mid-section.

While many of us struggle with belly fat and getting a defined stomach, it would appear that fitness models were born with abs. This could not be farther from the truth.

Fitness models are experts at preparing their body for photo shoots. While the majority of fitness models stay in shape throughout the entire year, the end result photograph that you see involves extremely favorable lighting, and multiple weeks of dieting, sodium and carbohydrate manipulation paired with hardcore training.

I have been fortunate enough to land a few fitness modeling jobs and even get signed to an agency in Los Angeles that finds work for aspiring fitness models. Over my years of working in the fitness industry, I have picked up a few tools of the trade.

I have found that my lower abdominals always seem to be very defined, especially my V shaped torso. Many people ask me what kind of routine I do to get such a defined lower torso and abdominals. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve regarding this. I want to share an incredible lower ab workout routine that I have performed over the years to maintain a chiseled physique.

One important thing to remember is that regardless of how built up your muscles are, they will not be visible with layers of fat covering them. You have to make sure that you are eating properly for your genetics and body type so all of your hard work is represented by a visual six pack.

If you have trouble losing belly fat, one proven fitness model trick is to limit your carbohydrate intake for the last 5 hours of the day. Since your carbohydrates main purpose is to provide energy, and any excess stored carbohydrates become fat, you should limit your carbohydrate intake the closer it becomes to bed time.

For an aggressive fat loss plan, consume all of your carbohydrates for the 1 st part of the day and then for the final five hours of the day do not consume any carbohydrates. Stick to lean proteins and healthy fats. This is a guaranteed way to look more ripped in a short period of time.

Combining a good diet with this incredible lower ab workout will yield some impressive results. You will be beach body ready in no time. Let’s get into the workout.

The Workout

This workout will be performed in 2 circuits. A circuit involves every exercise performed in a row, and the rest time occurs between circuits. You will perform 2 circuits with 2 minutes rest between.

The repetitions are meant to indicate the “goal” amount of reps. Many of you will not be able to do this many, but keep at it and the more you build up your abdominal muscles the closer you will get to finishing these circuits and all the repetitions.

Lower Ab Circuit One

Exercise One: Bicycle Crunch (5:5 Rep Sequence)

Repetitions: 30(15 each leg)

Description: You will lie with your back on the ground and your feet about 1 foot off the ground. Your hands will be placed behind your head and your elbows back. You will crunch in with your opposite elbow and opposite knee cap touching each other and then returning back to the starting positions. Repeat this on the same side for 5 repetitions and then switch to the opposite elbow/knee combination for 5 repetitions. You will continue at this 5-5 pace for the entire set.

Exercise Two: Bottoms Up or Reverse Crunch

Repetitions: 15

Description: This is one incredible lower ab exercise. You will start this exercise with your back placed firmly on the ground and your knees bent and feet off the ground. You will bring your legs together with your knees towards your face until your feet are pointed towards the ceiling. Lift your lower body and lift the bottoms of your feet directly toward the ceiling. Come down slow and controlled and repeat.

Exercise Three: Planks

Time under Tension: 60 Seconds

Description: This is the classic abdominal plank. A great exercise for targeting your lower abs and oblique’s. Keep your body in a straight line with your elbows and forearms resting on the ground and your toes on the ground about shoulder width apart. Hold this plank position while keeping your abs tense the entire time. This will help to activate additional abdominal muscles.

Exercise Four: Mountain Climber Knee Bows

Repetitions: 20(10 each side)

Description: You will start this exercise in the mountain climber starting position with your hips arched off the ground and your hands placed firmly shoulder width apart. Raise your hips and lower torso off the ground to arch your body. Think of a sprinter preparing for take-off but both feet will be back at the same position. You will drive your knee towards the opposite side of your body for each repetition. Your hands stay in position the entire time. Alternate knee bows until you reach 20 repetitions. This is great at activating your lower torso and lower abdominal muscles.

Lower Ab Circuit Two

Now that you have fatigued your lower abdominals and lower torso you will be performing some high intensity interval training that will keep your lower abdominal muscles engaged throughout the entire circuit. By fatiguing your core before these demanding exercise movements that incorporate your lower abs, you will not only burn fat but drastically speed up your lower abdominal muscle building.

Exercise One: Leap Ups

Repetitions: 20

Description: Leap ups are performed by jumping as high as you can in place while driving your knees up towards your head as high as you can get them. Contrary to a regular squat jump when your knees are not driving off the ground, the leap up will engage your lower abdominals and lower torso muscles.

Exercise Two: Horizontal Leg Crunch

Repetitions: 20

Description: You will start this exercise with your body flat on the ground in a straight line. Cross your arms over your chest (or above your head as above) and crunch off the ground until your upper body is almost perpendicular to your lower body. Do not come up too far or this will disengage your abdominal muscles. Come up just before you are at 90 degrees and you will keep your lower abs under tension the entire time.

Exercise Three: Bounding or Long Jumping

Repetitions: 20

Description: This exercise incorporates long jumping or bounding. You will start with your feet shoulder width apart and drive your elbows back while you jump horizontally for distance. Once you land, you will once again drive your elbows back and keep jumping out for distance.

Exercise Four: Scissor Kicks

Repetitions: 1 Minute under Tension

Description: You will start this exercise lying on your back with your feet about 1 foot off the ground. You will keep your feet off the ground and alternate your feet over each other as if you are simulating a “scissors” motion. Keep your abs engaged and under tension and see if you can do this for 1 minute straight!


This is a hardcore lower ab workout routine that you can do at the convenience of your local park or even at home. The beauty of this ab workout is that it can be done anywhere since no equipment is required.

The other great aspect to this lower ab workout is that it involves plyometric and fast twitch cardio which will amplify your fat loss progress as well as build your lower torso. By performing these high intensity movements while your core is fatigued, you are keeping your lower abdominal muscles under tension for more time throughout the workout and will drastically speed up your results.

Perform this work out 3 times a week for optimal results. The workout only takes about 20 minutes. This is a convenient workout that yields amazing results. Good Luck and enjoy your new fitness model lower abs!

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Good luck!


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