How To Build Lean Body Mass With A Simple Change In Diet

As the owner and primary writer for, one of the main questions I get asked is how to eat for gaining lean body mass.

That is, what kind of diet should one be using in order to get stronger, bigger, and leaner. If you’re an athlete, weight trainer, body builder or into fitness, gaining body mass is something that allows you to move more weight in terms of weights, and to appear “larger”.

Well, my answer is something most weight trainers don’t really understand.

I guess it’s very understandable because the answer is the least understood topic in weight training. Actually, when I look back at my earlier training habits, it’s one that I didn’t understand until I had two solid years of training under my belt (And I’m still learning!).

You see, when I started out, there was no lack of motivation on my part. I lived to go to the gym and it seemed (At that time) like the only place where I was the most comfortable. I trained hard and heavy, hitting the weights like a madman. However, if there was one thing that I wish I knew at the time was how to really, I mean really, pack on the muscle mass. What I’m talking about is a well structured nutritional program.

I’m going to be quite honest here, and if you’re interested at all in building hard, lean, muscle mass, you might want to listen up. To truly add hard and lean muscle mass, you have to understand the magic of quality nutrition. Only a quality nutrition program that’s geared for mass, will you be able to get super strong, get over training plateaus, and get that huge, hard ripped look.

Whether you’re an athlete, body builder, or training for fitness, gaining body mass is a food game. Yep, it’s all about the food you choose to put into your body that will determine how big, strong, and lean you get.

Have you ever wondered why some people go to the gym, day in and day out, train hard and heavy but never, ever seem to grow? I’m gonna tell you now that it’s not a lack of motivation or ambition, but a lack of nutritional understanding and how to implement those nutrients in order to grow.

Let me give you a personal example of my “old bad days” of training. This was my grade 11 schedule:

  • 7:00 AM – Bowl of high sugar cereal;
  • 12:00 PM – 2 slices of pizza and a pop (Or whatever was cooking up in the cafeteria);
  • 4:30 PM – Whatever my mom was cooking up – Usually something high in carbs.
  • 6:30 PM – Weight Train;
  • 9:00 PM – Some sort of snack food, usually not very nutritious;
  • 10:30 PM – Bed.

All in all, I was probably taking in about 2,000 calories per day. At the time, I was about 165 pounds. My training routine was crazy. I’d show up to the gym, six days a week, and train for 2 hours doing about 15 to 20 sets per body part.

This is absolutely backwards and it is no wonder that I didn’t gain a pound using this type of weight training program to gain mass. Also, I was using a protein powder very sparingly, which I took once every two or three days (I didn’t know any better). Using this type of weight training program, I injured myself and lost weight.

After joining a new gym and using the advice from the owner, I drastically changed things around in order to start gaining some quality body mass. Here’s what I did:

Changed My Diet

Here’s what my new diet looked like.

  • 7:00 AM – 3/4 cup bowl of oatmeal (raw) cooked with 2 cups of milk, mixed with 7 egg whites and 2 tablespoons of raisins. Had two toasts with some light butter and one cup of orange juice. One multi vitamin from Animal Nutrition.
  • 9:30 AM – One protein drink
  • 12:00 AM – One medium sized chicken breast with 1 cup of mixed veggies and 3/4 cup of brown rice
  • 2:20 PM – One banana with 1 cup of milk. 1/4 cup of brazillian nuts (I love them!).
  • 4:30 PM – Whatever my mom was cooking up. I couldn’t get out of this one but I did request some foods that I knew were great for building mass and that she enjoyed cooking.
  • 6:00 PM – Weight trained for 1 hour;
  • 7:15 PM – Weight gain shake – I think it was a Beverly Nutrition’s brand. (There was no creatine available at this time);
  • 9:30 PM – Fruit salad with one cup of milk and some nuts.
  • 10:30 PM – Bed.

This change in my eating habits caused a dramatic shift in my appearance and weight training routine. I started to train each body part once per week, and using only 12 sets per body part. I also learned to prioritize certain body parts at this time and used that in 12 week cycles to bring up my weak body parts such as legs and calves.

As for supplements, I only had what was available which was pretty much protein powders and weight gainers. After about 14 weeks or so, I gained 35 pounds and weighted about 200 pounds. I tell you, everybody thought I was on all kinds of drugs but you want to know something, those were the same people who were too stubborn to change their training and diet.

All of my lifts increased dramatically and my appearance was big and hard. I was no longer a skinny kid!

It was at that point that I knew my diet was responsible for most of the change, of course, my change in routine also helped, but my food choices were all muscle building foods. Overall, I was eating about 3,700 calories per day and this greatly boosted my weight gain. Also, since most of my food choices were from whole foods, I didn’t gain a lot of fat. Of course, some fat gain was necessary but I welcomed it with open arms in order to starting gaining some muscle.

You can read how I went from skinny to big here.

If you’re reading this now, I hope you understand the importance of eating clean, muscle building foods in your diet. If you’re serious about your training and want to get lean, big, and strong, than you’re going to have to give up your junk food, booze, and soda pop. Now, you don’t have to give up on your junk totally, maybe once or twice per week, but the point is, cut it out of your daily routine.

Alright, let me give you a full proof menu that I’m sure you will start gaining mass in the next week. Yep, if you can cut out the junk food and start following a menu like the one presented, you’re going to start getting stronger and bigger (provided you follow a sound weight training routine). Take a look at these weight training programs page here.


  • 7:00 AM – One cup of oatmeal, 8 to 10 egg whites, one scoop of protein powder and 1 tablespoon of raisins. Have with one or two toasts with light butter. One glass of orange or apple juice.
  • 9:45 AM – One meal replacement drink. Try using Prolab’s Lean Mass Matrix.
  • 12:30 PM – 4 to 5 ounces of chicken breast (one large breast), with 1 cup of brown rice and one cup of mixed veggies. Green Giant mixed veggies is acceptable.
  • 3:45 PM – One meal replacement drink.
  • 5:30 PM – One 5 ounce sirloin steak with one potato and 1 cup of steamed broccoli.
  • 6:30 PM – One creatine drink such as Dymatize Xpand
  • 7:00 PM – Weight train for one hour
  • 8:10 PM – Post workout drink such with 50 grams protein and 80 grams quick acting carbs
  • 9:30 PM – One small serving of oatmeal with six egg whites and ½ scoop of protein powder.
  • 10:30 PM – Bed time.

There you go. If you can follow this type of eating routine, coupled with a high intensity weight training routine you’re going to add some pretty impressive body mass in the next 10 to 12 weeks. Now, remember to plan ahead and never, ever skip a meal.

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All the best,

Blake Bissaillion

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