Weight Training Guide And Illustration Book

weight training guide and book

Are you looking for a weight training guide that can effectively describe some of the more popular weight lifting exercises? How about a guide that's fully illustrated and free?

Yes, building muscle 101 now has a 90 page booklet that properly describes and illustrates the more popular weight training exercises.

No more worrying about whether or not your doing a certain weight training exercise right. Simply look in the booklet and follow the directions and illustrations. Here's an example exercise from the booklet:

To download the file, you must, right click the following link:

Weight Training Guide

Remember, YOU MUST RIGHT CLICK this link, otherwise you might not be able to download the file.

Once you've saved the file to your hard drive, feel free to make as many copies as you wish. I suggest printing the pages and adding them to a clear binder or folder. This way you can take them anywhere with you.

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