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A 20 Minute Fat Burning Exercise Bike Workout

This workout works best with electromagnetic resistance on an exercise bike. This workout varies your sprints to challenge your cardiovascular system and muscles in different ways.

How many calories does the exercise bike burn?

You can expect to burn about 14 calories per minute on the exercise bike. So, if you exercised on the exercise bike for 30 minutes, you can expect to burn roughly 420 calories.

Remember, intensity levels do account for the amount of calories burned per session so this is a rough estimate.

Cycling on the exercise bike for as little as 10 minutes can actually reduce fatigue and negative moods, while enhancing energy levels. And because the stationary bike is not a load bearing exercise, it is relatively safe for the joints.

I peronally enjoy the stationary bike. I use for most of my warm ups and cool downs which the exercise bike is perfect for. You have total control over how much energy you want to expend and it doesn't force you to work over your physical limits.

That's not too say the exercise bike is not a challenge because it can be one of the most challenging workouts going.

The Workout

To start, warm up for about 5 minutes on a light setting. Get the blood circulating but don't put on a heavy sweat.

After your warm up, start cycling at an intensity that's about 95% of your maximum full out effort for 90 seconds, followed by a 90 second recovery interval at about 35% to 40% of your max effort.

Now, using the same intensities, perform 60 second and 30 second intervals in the same fashion as before. After the final 30 second recovery interval, cycle at 70% of your full effort for 4 minutes, then repeat the entire set of intervals.

Warning! This is a tough exercise bike workout and should be "worked up to". If your a total beginner, this particular exercise bike workout can be too demanding. Start at 5 minutes for the first few workouts, than try 10 minutes for the next couple of workouts, and than 15 minutes and so on.

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