Endothil CR

endothil cr


Endothil CR is Novex Biotech's steroid-free compound. Endothil-CR was originally formulated to treat victims of muscle atrophy by influencing proper development of muscles.

Recognizing the muscle and strength building aspects of the compound, physical therapists and athlete trainers started recommending it as a safe replacement for steroids and steroid-like precursors. This is only the beginning of the sweet Endothil saga.

A 6-week long bodybuilding study conducted in 2003 on thirty-one fit males showed that the intake of Endothil-CR effectively increased the strength of the torso by 100% and that of the lower body part by about 250%.

A massive change was also noted in the size of the biceps – the biceps of the men increased in circumference, growing four-times their original size.

How does Endothil-CR work?

Further building on the muscle atrophy researches, it has been pointed out that the Endothil compound brings about muscle growth and builds strength when the muscles have been exercised to exhaustion. Actually, too much of exhaustion cause your muscles to reach a ‘traumatized' state.

As soon as the muscles reach this state, Endothil-CR activates the progenitor muscle cells causing them to repair your traumatized muscle tissue.

As the working mode suggests, Endothil-CR will give you the best benefits if you opt for a single, specific muscle group instead of going for full-body workouts and keep exercising that particular muscle to the point of wearing it.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended serving (also the maximum effective serving as per clinical trials) is one tablet a day. You will have to take the tablet 30 minutes before you commence with your exercise regimen.

On non-workout days, you will do better if you take the tablet early in the morning. Chew the tablet for a long time before swallowing it.


Endothil-CR is an all-natural plant-sourced compound and is certainly not any steroid or hormone precursor formulation.

After the astonishing findings of the 2003 study, researchers were frantically trying to locate a natural source for the active Endothil-CR compound.

Around this time, scientists at Novex Biotech successfully isolated it from an extract of a special strain of green tomatoes and that too in the exact proportion needed.

One serving of this extraordinary bodybuilding supplement contains Green Tomato SE, Grape Seed SE, Green Tea SE, Quercetin, Rutin. The other ingredients are cane sugar, FD&C red # 40 lake, magnesium stearate, mono-and diglycerides, natural flavors, salt stearic acid, silica and tomato powder.

Being a completely natural supplement, it has not been banned either by amateur sporting bodies or by professional organizations.


With no detrimental side effects on health, you only have benefits to reap from the use of Endothil-CR.

To find out my Endothil CR results, see this review here.

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