20 Minute Fat Burning Elliptical Workout

20 minute fat burning elliptical trainer workout

Like most cardiovascular exercise, using the elliptical trainer will get some getting used to. If you are just starting out, your going to have to take it easy at first and work your way up to a more intenst workout.

That is, don't push yourself too hard because you'll more likely do more harm than good.

However, if you've been using the elliptical trainer for any length of time, the following workout may provide a more intense workout.

This workout lasts for about 20 minutes and will definitely give you a good workout. Depending on the type of elliptical trainer you have, you may or may not have electormagnetic resistance on your machine.

This workout works best with electromagnetic resistance. If all you have to do on your elliptical machine is press down on a button and the resistance automatically adjusts, than you have electromagnetic resistance.

If you have to stop you workout and turn a dial, than you don't have electromagenetic resistance.

This workout is an alternating interval workout. By alternating between levels of high speed and high resistance, you'll be able to work at higher relative intensity for a longer time. This is a good thing.

Warm up for about 5 minutes first. The perform this exercise at about 40% of your full effort for the warm up. Then increase the elliptical trainer's resistance level until you're using about 80% of your maximum stride or full effort.

After two minutes, lower the resistance to the level you used during your warm up, but increase your stride rate so that you're still exercising at 80% of your full effort.

Continue alternating between high resistance levels and high stride rate every two minutes for a total of 20 minutes.

Warning! This is a tough workout and should be "worked up to". If your a total beginner, this particular elliptical machine workout can be too demanding.

Start slowly by working at 50% or your full effort for 10 minutes 3 days a week. This may take a you a week or two to get up to 10 minutes or so.

After you have completed 10 minutes, try going 15 minutes the next week. Keep doing this until your ready to go for the full 20 minutes.

I suggest you drink two glasses of water prior to working out and keep a water bottle handy while you are on the elliptical machine. Take sips of water during the "down time".

Good luck and all the best,


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