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The supplement I'm going to review is called Phosphagen HP by EAS. I paid $25.00 for 45 servings.

Anytime that I take time off from weight training, I use this again and get back into it and add 25 lbs to my bench press, easy. This supplement is an oldie but goodie.

Out of a possible 5, I give Phosphagen HP a 5

- Review submitted by Mike

*Editors Note*

Phosphagen HP is manufactured by EAS. EAS has been around for over 20 years and have a stable of supplements ranging from protein powders to creatine. They are a well respected supplement company.

This particular product is something which I like to call "second generation" creatine. The reason I call it second generation is because it isn't a strict creatine monohydrate powder but a creatine powder mixed with sugar. First generation creatine powders are stand alone creatine products with no added ingredients such as dextrose.

Phoshagen HP is basically creatine monohydrate mixed with dextrose. We all know that creatine works best when it is taken with a simple sugar, so EAS simply added a flavoured sugar to the mix. Dextrose is the most desired simple sugar and it's this sugar that acts as a transport system for the creatine into the muscle cells.

15 years ago, this product was the number one supplement on the market. It was priced very high and marketed very effectively. Back then, this product cost about $70 for a 40 day supply. Today however, a 4 LB container goes for about $19.00 USD (bodybuilding.com).

According to the label, each 43 gram serving consists of:

• 140 calories
• 34 grams of carbohydrates - 33 grams from dextrose
• 0 grams of protein
• 5.25 grams of creatine monohydrate

There is nothing fancy about this formula. However, it is effective and will work. In terms of being a cost effective creatine supplement, a single serving will cost about $.45 USD.

I've personally used Phoshagen HP and it works. In fact, you can read my review here. The product is simple but it gets the job done. It's a cost effective supplement that will produce the results your looking for.















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