Review Of Dymatize Energized Xpand

Over the last couple of years of so, I’ve had tremendous success with certain Dymatize products. I’ve been particularly pleased with the Xpand creatine formula and I’ve experienced some fantastic strength and size gains with this product.

When Dymatize came out with it’s new creatine formula, “Energized Xpand”, I was naturally pretty excited to try this product out. If it was anything like the original Xpand formula, I knew it would really help boost my gains.

Now, there really isn’t a whole lot difference between the two formulas. The only real difference between the two products is the “energy matrix”, which of course, the energy formula has. The energized formula contains the following ingredients:

Energized Matrix 1600 mg

• L-Tyrosine
• Caffeine
• N - Acetyle Cysteine
• L-Phenylalanine
• Vanadyl Sulfate

The one thing I noticed about this new formula was it’s caffeine content. Since caffeine acts as a stimulant, I assumed this was the main boost that would “energize” my workouts.

If you’ve been keeping up with the supplement scene for any length of time, you will notice that a lot of the larger companies have come out with these new creatine formula’s. BSN’s NO Xplode is a very popular pre workout creatine drink that has gotten a lot of great reviews. Since I’m a big fan of Dymatize’s products, I thought I’d give this new formula a try.

So, I happily purchased the product and couldn’t wait to try this new product out.

First, let me just say that about 15 minutes after taking the product, I was bouncing off the walls. My hands were shaking and my legs couldn’t stop moving. I hadn’t even set foot into the gym and I felt like a bolt of lightening had surged through my body.

My mind and body became very focussed and the energy was surging through my body. I walked out onto the gym floor and couldn’t wait to hit the squat rack. The first couple of sets felt great and my body felt tense and ready for the heavy workout loads.

However, that wasn’t going to happen. About midway through my third set, I started to feel nauseous. The energy I felt going through my body, now felt like a sickness. I abruptly headed to the change room to visit the toilet. So, after 10 minutes there, I decided to pack up my stuff and head home.

I wasn’t very pleased with that workout. I decided that I would only take ½ the dose for my next workout to see if that would ease up on my nausea. So, when chest day came around, I took only half the dose to see if that would cut out my nausea.

After my first exercise, I felt fine but shortly after my first set on my second exercise, I started to feel sick. I tried finishing my workout but couldn’t.

Now, I’m usually a sucker for punishment but this was something I wasn’t prepared for. So, I was in no mood to try this product for a third time so I reluctantly chucked the bottle into the garbage.

I really love most of Dymatize’s products but this one is definitely not for me. From the reviews I’ve read on this formula and other similar products, the side effects vary from person to person. However, the fact remains that if you can’t finish your workout because of a supplement’s side effects, your better off not taking it.

It is for this reason that I cannot recommend Dymatize’s Energized Creatine Formula.


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