Tri Set / Drop Set Combo for the Legs

The following routine is from Dan.

Every I know who has tried this has seen immediate and continual results. I have always had strong legs and I could always beat out any competitors so I constantly searched for new ways to pack on mass and strength so that I could remain the best.

Routine Type 1 Day Workout - Legs
Duration Ongoing
Level Intermediate - Advanced
Purpose Strength / Muscle Mass
Target All individuals with skinny legs

Equipment required:

-seated Single leg extensions (quads)

-laying on stomach single leg hamstring extensions (hamstrings)

-incline leg press

Workout Schedule:

Leg Workout
Leg Workout

The Workout

Monday - Thrusday
Exercise Sets and Reps Notes
Light Cardio /Warm Up (include stretching) 10 Minutes  
Single Leg Extension

5 x 6 plus reps  
Single Leg Curl 5 x 6 plus reps  
Leg Press 5 x 6 plus reps  


Start out with a moderate weight and continue to raise it on until the 5th and final set (on the fifth set, drop the weight 25% or more and preform as many repetitions as possible with the best form).

The following are done in ONE set without rest in between exercises (consider is a superset):

First set; single leg quad extensions (with only your right/left leg and then alternate to opposite leg)[6+ reps/leg], single leg hamstring extensions (right/left leg first and then switch)[6+ reps/leg], followed up immediately by the incline leg press [as usual, use both legs with normal form going until legs are around 90 degrees or so with a slight pause at the bottom and controlled push back up [8+ reps], immediately followed up by placing your toes on the botom corners of the platform they're usually on and raise the weight only 1-2 inches above the pegs it was resting on [15-20 quick reps]

Congrats on completing your FIRST set! Continue to raise the weight and repeat for sets 2,3, and 4. Drop the weight on the last set and go until failure with everything.

The key to this INTENSE training is using one leg at a time. When using both legs, one tends to compensate for the other. On the incline, try to use both legs together without one leg being more dominant.

I like to follow this workout up with any kind of soleus work to complete my leg day. Aim to complete this full workout within 20-45mins.

- Dan

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