Give Me 3 Months and I Will Totally Transform Your Body!!

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Let Me Be Your Coach and Fast Track Your Fat Burning and Muscle Building Results!!

Are You Ready to Lose Between 20 and 40 Pounds of Ugly Fat, Gain 35% to 60% More Strength and Build Hard Lean Muscle in as Little as 3 Months?

Let me ask you something?

  • Are you tired of downloading program after program from the interent and wasting months of time and effort only to get little to no results?
  • Are you tired and confused by the amount of contradicting information about weight loss? Building muscle? or losing fat?
  • Do you find yourself buying hundreds of dollars in supplements that never work?

Blake here from Building Muscle 101.

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I feel your pain. I've been there and I know how confusing it can be to reach your goals. There is just too much confusing advice about losing fat and building muscle. Some experts say eat more calories, others say eat less calories, others say use low repetitions and heavy weight, others say use high repetitions, some say to use a low carb diet and others say use a high carb diet.

It's ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

You want to know something, whether you want to build muscle or lose fat the process is relatively simple. It's not rocket science and there are no secrets. It comes down to defining your goals and setting up the correct path to reach those goals. That's it.

Whether you want to:

  • Build hard lean muscle mass and lose those unwanted fat pounds?
  • Develop a sexy, flat stomach and build hard lean muscle?
  • Develop muscle definition and drop those unwanted pounds?
  • Build more muscle endurance?
  • Look fit, healty and in shape?
  • Develop sexy and muscular body parts such as your butt, hips, chest and arms?
  • Get super strong and build big muscles?

The process and method for attaining those goals is the same. My unique method has been developed over a 30 year period.

Regardless if you want to lose 20, 30 or even 50 pounds of fat or gain 20 pounds of muscle I can design you a personalized training program that will get you there. Regardless of your age, gender, occupation, or current activity levels, I will design you a personalized program that will help you achieve your goals. No more guessing what you should be doing to build muscle or burn fat!

Here's the thing about building muscle, gaining strength and at the same time burning fat. Losing weight is relatively easy (well, not easy but the process is easy). Simply cut enough calories from your daily caloric intake maintenance level and you will start losing weight. However....

Losing weight while gaining strength and muscle mass is an entirely different ball game. It takes an entirely different approach to BUILD MUSCLE, GAIN STRENGTH and BURN FAT!

Not too many people know how to do it and understand this very delicate process. Fortunately for you, you've stumbled onto someone who knows this process inside and out. I was fortunate to learn this process back in my early teens from an "iron guru" and I've been honing this process for over 30 years. I've developed a unique "staged process" which allows anyone, regardless of age, gender, or situation to build muscle, gain strength and burn fat...all at the same time! I know, you've probably heard that you can't do all at the same time but I know for a fact that you can. I've done it many times myself and all of my clients have done it as well. Remember this.

It's not the routine or meal plan that will be responsible for your fat burning and muscle building success, it will be how you improve in each stage of your progression cycle!

I've developed a system that does exactly that! My unique system will work for anyone, anywhere at any age! (see some of the amazing results below)

My programs are designed using my unique "Staged Structured Process" that works 10 times out of 10 for anyone who is serious about changing the way they look and feel. My unique program doesn't require any thinking or planning on your part. I design you a custom personal training plan that is completely done online! A plan that all you have to do is follow and get the results you DESERVE!!

I'll design you a personalized program that will show you exactly:

  • What types of exercises you need;
  • How many exercises you need;
  • How many sets you need;
  • How many repetitions you need;
  • How much weight to use
  • What to eat;
  • How much to eat;
  • When to eat;
  • Supplements to use;
  • How much rest you need;
  • The BEST methods you need to use to reach your goals...FAST

Let me ask you something...Do you find yourself guessing what you should be doing to build muscle or burn fat? Do you find yourself guessing if you're eating enough food? Perhaps not enough food? Do you often find that it's simply too hard to follow an exercise program or menu plan given your daily schedule?

Yes! I feel your pain and I know how confusing it can all be. I've been there! I wasted years of time, money and effort using programs that were a completely useless. You see, the biggest problem most beginners and intermediates have is not knowing what they should be doing for their particular situation.

- What type of weight training and nutrition program should you be following if you work shifts?

- How many days should you be working out? 1 day? 2 days? 3 days? 5 days? 6 days?!

- What types of exercises should you be doing if you have a home gym and a busy family life?

- How should you begin? Where do you begin? What should you be eating?

- When should you train for the best results?

- What types of exercises? How many sets and repetitions? What types of exercises are best to reach your goals?

- What about cardio? What types of cardio should you be doing? When and how should you be doing cardio?

I'm sure if you're reading this page you want to get started right away and not have to worry about the planning or logistics of putting a successful program together.

You know what I think? I think you just want a qualified and trusted authority to tell you exactly what what you need to be doing to REACH YOUR GOALS!! I think you want a trusted expert to provide you with your own personal physical blueprint that is "made to fit" for your body type, activity levels, goals, gender, lifestyle and age.

Why put yourself through the hassle of trying to figure all this stuff out? Why not let someone with over 30 years experience in this field (and who's been though it and knows this stuff inside and out) put your personal training plan together? Why try and build a house yourself if you have no clue how to hammer a nail into piece of wood?

Hire someone who knows what the heck they're doing and you'll get the job done right...The first time!!

Let me put your plan together so you don't have to worry about a thing. Let me use my 30 years experience to put a plan that you can use to:

  • Lose 10, 20, 30, or even 50 pounds of fat!
  • Gain 20, 30, 40, or 50 pounds of mass!
  • Get lean, hard and sexy! Get those curves back!
  • Get a sexy and flat stomach!
  • Get the muscular body back you once had and back into fantastic shape!
  • Build superhuman strength in the bench press, squat, shoulder press or other weight training movements!
  • Build chisled abs, chest, shoulders and arms!

Over the past 14 years I've helped thousands of people just like you reach their phsycal goals and aspirations. You can read some of their testimonials here. My website has been a trusted and authority source on weight training for beginners and intermediates since 2003.

I've designed custom and personal training programs for people all around the world. I can design all types of programs and routines made specifically for you!!

  • 1 day full body programs
  • 2 day programs
  • 3 day programs
  • 4 day split programs
  • 5 day programs
  • 6 day programs
  • Home gym routines
  • Dumbbell only routines
  • Strength programs
  • Fat loss programs
  • Muscle building programs
  • And much much more

The Complete Online Coaching and Personal Training Program Solution

This is a serious program for serious people who truly want to transform their bodies.

I provide you with a complete system designed to reach your goals. Using this program you can expect to reach your goals. Want to lose 20, 30, 50, or even 100 pounds? I’ll design you a complete system. Want to gain 10, 20, or even 30 pounds of muscle? I’ll design you a complete system to help you reach your goals. Want to build muscle and lose fat? No problem I’ll design you a special system for that goal. Want a big bench press or big arms? No worries, I’ll design you a special system to help you reach your goals. - I design you an original program based on your goals and objectives. This includes your first weight training and nutrition program.

My unique approach to training will allow you to constanty and consistently improve with each passing week using my "Staged Structured Process" system. The system has been developed over a 30 year period and has been proven to work time and time again for anyone! Regardless of your age, gender, fitness levels, or goals my unique approach works!

The program is built around your daily schedule, gender, activity levels, age and goals. Using my phased based system approach I redesign your program every four to six weeks which enhances your program at every stage. This ensures that you are always improving and progressing and never reaching a plateau.

- I design your weight training program according to your goals. Your weight training program includes all sets, repetitions, rest periods, methods, techniques, images and exercise videos. All of your workout information will be stored on my personal training hub which you can access at any time. You simply take your mobile device with you to your workouts and simply follow your custom program. I tell you EXACTLY what to do! I tell you exactly:

  • What exercises you need to do; You will only perform exercises that will provide you the absolute best results based on your goals, gender, age, and fitness levels
  • How many sets to perform; I will monitor and constantly adjust your sets to make sure you are always improving!
  • How many repetitions to perform; No more guessing how many repetitions to perform. I will start you off with a repetition range that best suits your age, gender, fitness levels and goals and adjust those repetitions ranges throughout your entire training program!
  • How much weight to use; I will adjust your work loads every week to make sure you are progressing at the absolute best rate according to your age, gender, fitness levels and goals!
  • How long to rest;
  • How to breath;
  • Special techniques and methods; Every week you will get additional methods and techniques which will help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently!
  • Ongoing monitoring and program adjustments - Every week I adjust all of your workouts to make sure you are always improving and on the right track. One week you may be doing certain exercises and other weeks you may performing a whole new set of exercises depending on your progress!
  • I act as your "invisible coach". We never have to meet and all you have to do is log into to your personal training hub and perform your new and improved workouts each and every week!
  • How to perform each exercise!
  • Follow your workouts from your phone! All you have to do is show up to the gym (or home gym) and open up your program. Your workouts will never be the same each week as I monitor and adjust your workouts each and every week to make sure you are getting closer to your goal!

It couldn’t be any simpler.

I build your weight training program according to your daily schedule. Want to workout in the morning? No problem I can design your workout for that time. Want to workout at night? No problem I can design your program for that time. I set up your entire schedule in your personal training calendar and I monitor your results from each workout closely. I will make all adjustments and tweaks to your program as you progress to make sure you are ALWAYS PROGRESSING! You don’t have to worry about how much weight you should be using next workout or how many more repetitions you should be performing because I adjust your program based on how you should be progressing according to your goals. All you have to do is put in the effort and log your workouts and I make sure you’re always on the right track!

- I design you a custom nutrition plan based on your age, gender, food likes, food dislikes, goals, daily schedule and family life. I build your entire nutritional program based on YOUR schedule. Your custom nutritional program is made to work hand in hand with your weight training program.

I tell you what to eat during the day, what to eat before working out, what to eat after working out and everything else in between. Love certain foods and want to include them? No problem I can include those foods. Hate certain foods? No problem I won’t even mentioned them in your plan. I’ll take the foods you love and match them up to your nutritional plan so that you’re not eating yucky “diet” foods. Hate cooking or not time for cooking? No problem I’ll design you a meal plan to make sure your meals are quick and easy to make.

I redesign your nutritional plan every 4 to 6 weeks to make sure it’s working hand in hand with your weight training plan. Each nutritional phase builds on one another so that your results are compounded as your program progress. I tell you exactly. What to eat! When to eat! How much to eat! Foods to include! Supplements to use! In addition I provide you with a grocery list and can build in recommended supplements if you wish. I’ve tried just about every supplement there is to try and I know which ones work and which ones don’t. I build your entire schedule including your workouts and meal times in your daily schedule. All you have to do is refer to your schedule to find out when you should be eating and working out. Ongoing support and messaging Your “one of a kind” personal training program comes with unlimited email and messaging support. If you have a question about anything I’ll answer it. Just send me a message using your personal training hub and I’ll answer it ASAP. If you want to use email, simply send me an email and I’ll make sure to answer it ASAP.

I'll also tell you which supplements you may need and how to use them. I've used hundreds of supplements over the years including vitamins/minerals, creatine blends, pre workout, post workout, protein powder, meal replacements, fat burning/weight loss, amino acids (including BCAA's), testosterone boosters and many more. I'm my own supplement testing facility and I know which ones work and which ones are a complete waste of time and money.

Want to see my system and how I use it? Check out my unique "Staged Structured Process" here.

Here’s how the program works

Once you order a program I send you a short questionnaire. The questionnaire provides me with all the necessary information I need to put your plan together.

Once I receive the completed questionnaire I begin working on your program. It generally takes me 1 to 2 days to finish the complete system (custom weight training and nutritional plan). I don’t use templates and I don’t “borrow” other plans. Your plan is made from scratch and it will be unique to your body type, gender, age, goals and activity levels. Once the plan is complete, I send you a welcome email that includes specific instructions. If you’ve chosen the complete system or the weight training plan only I send you instructions on how to log into your personal training hub (including how to use it). If you’ve chosen the nutrition plan only I send you a .pdf copy of your custom menu plan. Every six weeks I redesign your plans based on your results and progression.

Here are just some of the recent programs I developed for people just like you!

1) Cory Miller is a 45 year old busy construction supervisor, lost 61 pounds and gained 63% more strength in just over 4 MONTHS!! Read about his amazing transformation here.

2) Joe McNamara is a busy 46 year old IT professional and has lost over 23 pounds and gained over 56% more strength in 3 months! Read about his amazing transformation here

3) Farrell Richards is a retired 62 year old who got into the best shape of his life! He lost 6% body fat, gained muscle and is strong and fit in only 4 short months! You can read about Farrell's amazing journey here.

4) Yours Truly - Blake Bissaillion! I lost 50 pounds of pure fat in 4 short months and got into top shape using my unique staged process!

5) Monica Rodriguez added over 100 pounds to her squat in just over 4 months!! When Monica started she could barely squat 165 pounds. After completing my online personal training program she was able to squat 205 pounds for 8 solid repetitions! See the video below of her squatting 205 pounds!

6) Tom Koch went from "skinny fat" to lean and muscular in only 4 short months!! He lost close to 30 pounds and is the strongest he's ever been.

6) Mike Salvalaggio gained 61% more strength in just over 4 short months! Mike is in his 30's and wants to get big and strong before summer. He's tall and thin and desperately wants to gain 25 pounds of mass before summer. He wants to gain strength in the bench press, squat and shoulder press. He works in a construction camp so he goes in 21 days and is out for 10 days.

Answer: Because of Mike's hectic schedule it's hard for him to strike the right balance between work, nutrition and weight training. Because of this, he can't gain the muscle weight he wants. I designed two sets of menus for him. One for when he's off work and one for when he's working. Both plans provide the correct amount of nutrients for him to start gaining quality weight. In addition, he doesn't have time to spend all day in the kitchen so his meals are simple to prepare. His first nutrition cycle will "fill" him up on quality nutrients and will have him gaining quality weight in no time.

He wants to really improve his squat, bench press, pull ups and shoulder press. I designed him a program that will strengthen all his supporting muscle structures so that he will be able to greatly improve all his strength movements. In addition, he doesn't have 4 or 5 days a week to train so his program has been optimized to provide just the right amount over recovery time in addition to stimulating his muscles at the right times during the week. His program will allow him the necessary time to get plenty of rest at work and plenty of time to spend with his kids when he's not at work.

Read about Mike's amazing story here!

Here are others who I've helped with my personal training program!

- Mike C is in his 40's and has gained a lot of weight over the years. He was once in great shape but over the years he has gained way too much weight and body fat. He also has shoulder and knee issues which prevent him from using certain movements. He wants to lose 40 to 50 pounds of fat before summer and start looking nice and solid again.

Answer: I designed his program to get his overall sodium and sugar intake under control. I reduced his caloric intake to manageable levels which will have him lose about 1 to 2 pounds of bodyweight per week (without starving himself). I designed his weight training program to get around his injuries in addition to helping him improve his mobility in his shoulders and knee. The net effect will be to draw out the water from his body, balance out his sugar levels and prime his body to start accepting quality nutrients. His first weight training cycle will improve his balance and strength levels. His second training cycle will continue to improve his balance and strength levels but also "harden" up his muscles.

I designed his program for his work schedule in addition to his lifestyle. I am quite confident he will reach his goals before summer!

- Jennifer B wants to get back to her former shape and lose all the fat she gained over the past few years. This former dancer wants her body back!

Answer: Jennifer has gained a lot of weight over the years due to a busy lifestyle (she's a business owner) and lack of exercise. She's a busy mother of 3 and it's hard for her to plan a fitness and nutrition plan.

Her eating patters are sporadic and she's having a hard time organizing her family and business life to accomodate weight training. I designed a nutrition plan that will help stabilize her sodium and sugar levels and prime her body for fat loss. I used the meals she loves and made them "healty" in addition to keeping the menu simple. She doesn't have hours to spend over the stove so her meals are quick and easy to prepare for her family.

Her next nutrition plan will start to slowly reduce the amount of starchy carbohydrates she consumes (without shocking her body) and introduce more fibrous nutrients.

I designed her a custom weight training to slowly improve her balance and coordination. Her first plan is a three week "introduction" plan and will help her establish better balance. Once her body attains better balance and control I will design her a 3 day workout plan which will target fat loss and establish better muscle tone.

The program has been built around her schedule and family life so it doesn't conflict with her business or spending time with her children and husband.

- Bob B is in his 40's and is an experienced weight trainer. He's put on a few pounds and wants to get back to a solid 215 pounds (down from 245 pounds). He wants to lose the fat he's gained over the years and strip off the fat so he can show off his hard lean muscle mass before the summer. He wants to feel lean, hard and energized!

Answer: Bob already has muscle. He wants to lose his gut and maintain (even build) his existing muscle base. I designed him a program which will do excatly that. His nutrition program will get his sugar and sodium levels under control which will draw out all the water. The foods in his menu plan will provide the nutrients which will fill out his muscle cells with quality nutrients which will "harden" up his muscles. At the same time his training program is a very progressive program designed to burn fat and build muscle. Over the course of the next 4 months, his body will go throught 2 or 3 training cycles (which I will design) and the end results will be a fit, muscular and healthy body.

- Joanne B is in her 50's and has gained fat where she doesn't want fat! She's gained fat under her arms (bat wings), lower abdomen (muffin top) and her butt (cottage cheese). She is desperate to get her (once) sexy body back. She's a mother of 2 and is busy balancing work, family and a busy social life.

Answer: As we age out bodies tend to store bodyfat in places that we never thought our bodies would store fat! Places like the back of our arms, on the sides of our back, lower abdomen, lower back, and on our butts. I've dealt with this problem before with my clients and I know exactly how to get around this problem! I designed Joanne a program which will get her back into her sexy shape while getting her strong and healthy. She won't have that muffin top, batwings or cottage cheese butt by the summer!

These clients are serious about changing their bodies and they are doing something about it. Here are just some of the testimonials!

They will all reach their goals because of two very important elements:

1) They are sick and tired to feeling and looking like crap. They are highly motivated and want to change their bodies.

2) They made the most important move and that's to use the experience and knowledge from someone who knows how to do this.

They hired me to provide them a custom blueprint and they are commited to changing their bodies. I'll save them months, if not years of wasted time, money and effort. Each of them have truly custom plans and best of all, I'm coaching each one of them. In the end they will get the body of their dreams plus the knowledge on how to take their bodies to even higher levels of development. No more guessing or downloading useless programs from the internet that never work!

This is a serious program meant for people who are serious about changing the way they look and feel. I only want to work with serious and commited clients so if you're deadly serious about chaning your body and have the means to do something about it, than this program is for you. Plus this program is the lowest cost personal training program on the internet!

Let me ask you something? Are you tired of searching the internet for that one "magical" program that never seems to deliver?

Let me get you there! Let me provide you with your own personal blueprint so you don't have to think about it. I know you're committed so let me provide the when and how. No need for you to worry or think about it! You just need to follow!

I don't have a staff of trainers or contract your program out to anyone. You get access to me! You have a coach that has over 30 years of direct experience. I'm your coach and you deal directly with me. I will lay out your entire system, coach you through all of it and make sure you progress at a rate that is acceptable to your age, gender, activity levels and goals. This is what makes my program so unique. I start you off fresh and work you to a level that ensures you reach your goals, safely and effectively.

I don't workout at a gym, can I workout from home and still get the results?

Most certainly. In fact, most of my clients have home gyms with only some dumbbells and a bench! I'll create a 3 month system for you that uses the equipment you have on hand. I never have to see your gym, tell me what you have at your disposal and I will lay it all out for you!

Hold on Blake, I've read that it's impossible to burn fat and build muscle! What makes your program so special?

I used to think so as well until my eyes were open to a world of possibilities using staged structured processes. I first experienced this powerful method in my late teens (30 years ago....already!) and I've been using it ever since. I'm 47 years old and I've had to change my training habits around (I no longer use heavy weight and low reps) but I'm still big, lean, strong and muscular. Each client I've used the system on has reached their fat burning and muscle building goals. I have complete, 100% confidence in my system. If you're willing to put in the work and follow my personal plan for you, you will REACH YOUR GOALS sooner than later! Like I said, give me 3 months and I will transform your body!

Blake, I have some ongoing injuries. Can you work with someone who has knee problems, shoulder problems or other body injuries?

Not a problem. I'm worked with people who've had knee replacements, people who are going for knee replacements, people with rotator cuff problems, people with hip problems, bad backs and other bodily injuries. Unless your doctor DOES NOT recommend an exercise programI will be able to work around most injuries.

Blake, I'm a little older. Do you work with clients who are 40? 50? 60? or older?

Most of my clients are over the age of 45. I'm 47 myself and know exactly what types of limitations we face as we get older. I know I can't turn back time and train like a 20 year old anymore. However, I do know the process inside and out and will customize your program according to your age, gender, goals and current activity levels.

Blake, what sort of time commitment are we talking about here?

Give me 2 to 3 days a week and one hour each workout and I will have you whipped into shape in 3 months! All of my meals plans are super easy to prepare - you won't be stuck in the kitchen prepping food. I know your time is valuable so I optimize the time you have available so you get the results you want in the fastest way possible!

Blake, you're going to be my coach right? And not somebody else?

Yes, you will be working directly with me. Nobody knows my system better than me so you I'll be designing all of your stages including workouts and nutrition!

Blake, are you sure you can whip me into shape in only 3 months?

Listen, I can't promise you anything because it's you that has to put in the work and each of use are different but I will say this. If you do what I say and follow my custom blueprint that I will design for you - you will get big time results! Of course, you have to follow the plan and put in the work but if you're committed and "all in" than my plan will work for you.

Do this and I guarantee you will reach your goals.

Blake, I like what I see here but not sure...Do you have a money back gaurantee?

You bet!! I have complete confidence in my system and because of that I am offering a full 30 day money back gaurantee. If, after the first month you are not satisfied than I will either work harder to make sure you reach your goals or refund your money - no questions asked. I am absolutely 100% positive that if you do what I say and follow my coaching you will see (and feel) the results. However, if you feel the program isn't for you simply let me know and I'll refund your first month installment. Just remember...the real magic doesn't start happening until after the second month. By your third month you will be experiencing the full power of the program!

Blake, I don't know - I'm pretty sure I can find all this information online!

Nope, you won't find this information for free online. The method is out there but the professionals who have this information aren't going to provide it for free. Professional trainers will charge upwards of a thousand dollars just for a 3 month course. I've developed a system using tried and tested methods that uses unique "stages" that is custom to your body type, metabolism, gender, age and activity level. Sure, you may find a free program floating around that does wonders for your buddy Joe but it probably won't work for you. I custom design your entire system and make sure it works!

Chances are you're tired of all the same old programs preaching the same old (and confusing) advice. Let me do this for you and you will get it right the first time! Just imagine, in 3 months time you could be 30 to 40 pounds lighter, stronger and built from head to toe!

This is a paid program because you're going to receive a program that WILL achieve your goals! This is a fail proof plan made for YOU! You WILL NOT find this kind of information for free on the internet (This is why it's a paid program).

You get my 30 plus years experience working for you.

Are you ready to change the way you look and feel? Are you ready to make 2018 your year? The year people look at you with envious stares and wonder "Wow...what have you been doing? You look fantastic!"

If you're serious about transforming your body so that you feel and look strong (and healthy) simply fill out the form below and hit submit. I'll put an outline together for you and tell you how long it will take to reach your goals! I will send you a set of prices for each of my services (which by the way are the lowest on the internet for personal training!)

Is Building Muscle 101's Private Coaching Program Cost Worth It?

Professional "in house" trainers at a commercial gym will charge you at least 50 bucks per hour and upwards to $150. They will also try and lock you into a long term contract and this doesn't include a nutrition plan. Honestly, if you're thinking of using a gym trainer you're looking at shelling out at least $500 per month.

Listen, I know plenty of trainers and a lot of them have some great credentials but a lot of them don't have the necessasry "mileage" or the direct experience of knowing how the real process works. I've been through the process dozens of times in my 30 years experience and I know it inside and out. I've worked with National ranked body builders, power lifters, and fitness competitors.

What you will learn in the next 3 months will stay with you the rest of your life. You will know exactly what to do whenever you want to lose weight, burn fat, get stronger and build muscle. You know what? I practice what I preach. I test and try everything myself before adding new methods or techniques to programs. I'm 47 years old and I'm just as fit and muscular as I was in my mid 20's. No drugs, no crazy supplements and no crazy routines or diet fads. **Word to the wise. (If someone is trying to sell you a program make sure to check out what they look like and make sure it's them. If they practice what they preach they will be in shape!).

Plus, I never, ever lock you into a long term contract. I won't take your credit card number and automatically withdraw funds. Each month I will send you a payment link and you be the judge if you want to continue. My average client takes about 4 months to get into top shape. Some stay longer to take their bodies to even higher levels of development. Others opt for a maintenance program which helps keep them exactly looking and feeling they way they are when they finish.

I take great pride in my system and I stand 100% behind it. My system will work for you and give me 3 months and I will change the way you look and feel!

If you are serious about changing the way you look and feel, fill out the form below and I will contact you directly for a more detailed consultation.

Remember, there are no long term contracts and you can cancel at any time. I am so confident you'll love my system that if, after the first month you don't like the program I will offer you a full, money back guarantee! Yep, a fully refund for your first month. However, I must warn you. The real magic doesn't happen until the second and third month using my unique "staged structured approach"!

Apply to the program today and get on the list! Remember, as soon as I reach client capacity, I have to stop taking clients so only a limited number of spots are open. All you have to do is fill out the form below to apply for an open spot!!

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Yours in health,

Blake Bissaillion
Owner, Building Muscle101