How Building Muscle's 101 Personal Training Program Works

1) Fill out the form below in which I will provide you with more details about the program plus pricing. I will outline to you what you need in terms of a progressive weight training and nutrition plan. There is no charge for this service - I want to get a feel for your situation and goals.

2) If you're satisfied with your outline I will send you a link for you first months purchase. Once you purchase you will be redirected to a short intake form which you will fill out. This form provides me with all the necessary information I need to put together your custom personal training and nutrition plan.

3) Once I recieve your intake form I begin working on your plan. It generally takes me a few days to put your plan together. Please remember, these are custom plans and I don't use rehashed informaton or templates. These plans are built especially for your daily schedule (work and family life), gender, age, activity levels and goals. Truly great plans take a bit of time to create.

Your plan will include:

- 7 day custom nutrition plan;
- Grocery list;
- Meal substitutions;
- Cooking instructions;
- General nutrition instruction and guidance

Your meal plan will be delivered via PDF and will look as follows (these are simple samples):

Main Meal Plan (sample)

sample 1200 calorie menu

Your Meal Substitutions will look as follows (sample):

sample 1200 calorie menu meal substitutions

You will also recieve a grocery list (sample):

sample 1200 calorie menu grocery list

You entire nutrition system will be based on your goals and objectives. After 6 weeks I provide you with another meal plan that will coincide with your weight training program (to further your results). For example, if you goal is to burn fat (lose weight) and lean up your next meal plan might be based on high protein diet protocol.

Your nutrition program also comes with cooking instructions.

I design your nutrition program according to your lifestyle. Too busy to prepare meals? No problem I'll design you a menu that requires little meal preparation. Best of all your meal plans are built to reach your goals!

Your weight training plan will include:

- Weight training plan designed around your goals and objectives
- Starting weight and work loads
- Repetitions;
- Sets;
- Rest times;
- Special notes and instructions;
- Calendar

I design all my workouts using an excel spreadsheet. Once complete I upload your workouts to your very own personal training software. Here you can login to access all of your information and follow the workouts. I suggest taking your mobile phone with you to your workouts. All you have to do is follow and log your workouts.

Here's a sample video on a test client I created to show you how to log on and follow a workout:

4) Once you receive your plan you can review it to see if it looks good. If you need to make any adjustments I will make them. If you're satisfied your start date is set and I create your calendar. Your calendar will be included in your personal training software.

5) After you complete each workout I monitor how well you performed and will provide you notes and guidance. Your custom workout has been made to fit your body and goals so I've planned everything out for you including how you progress. After each workout I will adjust your workouts including your weight usage, repetitions, sets and rest periods. You don't have to do anything. I've figured everything out for you so all you have to do is follow the workout. I'll tell you when to increase the weight, how much to increase, how may repetitions to perform, how many sets to perform and how much rest you need.

I do this for every one of your workouts.

6) I will create new workout and nutrition programs for you once I'm satisfied that you're ready to advance to a more challenging and intense program. You see, you don't ever have to worry about when you need to change your program. I will do it for you. I will provide you with a new workout and nutrition program that will take you closer and closer to your goals. This is the power of using a cyclical training and nutrition approach.

7) You have priority messaging capabilities. Message me using your personal training hub and I get back to you ASAP. This includes weekends. I will answer all questions quickly.

Here's a video sample on how to message me:

I always have my phone with me so I see your messages instantly and I reply back just as fast!

8) You reach your goals!! I work hand in hand with you the entire way until you reach your goals. You never have to worry about planning or the details of your program because I do it all for you!

9) I charge on a monthly basis. There are absolutely no financial commitments on your part. If you want to continue with the program (which I'm sure you will) I will send you a payment link. If on the other hand you want to stop, no problem. I won't charge your credit card ongoing payments. You receive a payment link and you decide if you want to continue. I DON'T automatically charge your credit card without you having a say. This is a "pay as you go" program. All payments are made via PayPal so it's a very simple process.

If you're dead serious about reaching your goals and need an expert with over 28 years experience to provide you with a complete plan including hands on guidance then you need to fill out the form below. All of my clients are serious about changing the way they look and feel so they get a serious program. To date, all of my clients are seeing outstanding results. Why not try it out? I'll even provide you your first month at half price (which is less than a night out with your friends).

Fill out the form below and get started TODAY!!

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