Case Study #5 - How Tom Koch Lost 30 Pounds and Added Pounds of Muscle in 5 Short Months

online personal training results before and after 5 months

June 12 , 2018

Building Muscle 101's personal training program works! We've helped men and women off all ages, backgrounds, gender and activity reach their physical goals. Below is truly an extraordinary transformation for Tom Koch, client of Building Muscle 101's online personal training program.

Name: Tom Koch

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Occupation: United States Navy

Weight loss: 30 Pounds

Time needed: 5 months to transform his entire body

When Tom first contacted me he was just getting started and wanted to lose the "spare tire" around his waist and gain muscle mass. He really wanted to balance out his training schedule with regards to weight training and his busy schedule with the U.S Navy. After reviewing his profile and assessment I knew exactly the type of program Tom needed in order to achieve his goals.

I estimated Tom would need about 3 stages to accomplish his goals (12 to 15 weeks) so I designed a program around his busy schedule and goals.

Here is Tom when he first started:

Client before starting building muscle 101 personal training program

Tom keeps pretty active with his fitness schedule with the U.S Navy so I knew his routine didn't need a lot of heavy cardio. After reviewing his profile and assessment I decided that he needed to start clean. He needed to sync up his diet and training so that each was in balance with each other.

His first staged program was based on a 5 day upper and lower body protocol:

Monday: Upper / Lower Body Program A

Tuesday: Ab Specialization Program B

Wednesday: Upper / Lower Body Program C

Thursday: Cardio Program D

Friday: Upper / Lower Body Program D

To keep his body fresh and from overtraining I decided to use a staggered approach to his stage 1 training. I used a "push/pull" type of program so that his pushing and pulling muscles stayed fresh in addition to training legs directly and indirectly during the week.

For his diet I decided to start at 1,700 daily calories. I reduced his sodium intake to under 2 grams per day and used a balanced diet to ensure his energy levels remained high during the first phase.

It took about 3 weeks for his diet and training to sync up and once that happened Tom started to really take off.

Phase 2

Here's what Tom looked like after phase 2

4 week results from online personal training program for 4 weeks

His back development after phase 1

4 week results from online personal training program for 4 weeks

Tom made fantastic progress for the first 4 weeks. He started to get very strong and I knew his training and diet were working with each other. Based on Tom's goals he wanted to lose more weight so I decided he needed to start cutting back on his intake of starches and to get his sodium intake to under 1.5 grams per day. I also increased his intake of protein by about 50 grams per day.

I redesigned his training program to start utilizing a 5 day workout program in order to capitalize on the gains he made during his first phase. His new training program looked as follows:

Monday: Arms / Abs

Tuesday: Legs / Cardio

Wednesday: Chest / Abs

Thursday: Back / Cardio

Friday: Shoulders

I designed his phase 2 program with the idea of increasing his bottom line muscle capacity. I really wanted to open up the blood flow and get his muscles really pumping. I increased his repetition count and implemented some intensity boosting methods to really flush his muscles with rich blood and oxygen. The result? Vastly improved fat burning capability in addition to adding quality muscle mass. The combination of using a higher than normal repetition count with certain muscle building techniques allowed him to increase oxygen to his muscles (fat burning) in addition to stimulating more muscle fibers.

His results were truly amazing! For example. When he started with phase 1 he was having a hard time bench press the 55 pound dumbbells for 8 repetitions. After increasing his muscle capacity and using a staggered approach to his repetitions he was using the 80 pounders for sets of 8!

Tom lost about 30 pounds in total.

Phase 3

After reviewing and consulting with Tom we agreed that the time to start adding quality muscle mass has come. He reduced his body weight to 156 pounds and now he wanted to get bigger, thicker and wider. I concured and decided to use a unique program that will manipulate his repetition tempo. Here is what Tom looked like after phase 3!

Building Muscle 101's online personal training program results after 12 weeks

Building Muscle 101's online personal training program results after 12 weeks

Building Muscle 101's online personal training program results after 12 weeks

Building Muscle 101's online personal training program results after 12 weeks

I knew Tom could get stronger but I didn't want to chance an injury that sometimes goes along with heavy weight training. Tom is still a pretty young guy but at 37 years of age his joints, tendons and ligaments aren't the same as when he was 25. I decided to use a very effective method of adding mass which is a "altered repetition" program. This isn't a new method and has been around for ages. It's a tested and tried method that allows a person to keep gaining quality muscle mass without having to use super heavy weight!

Using an altered tempo repetition workout, one will alter the tempo for each repetition. Usually, when one performs a normal repetition it's about lowering and brining the weight back up at about the same time interval. For example, 1 second down and 1 second up with 1 second pause at the bottom.

Using an altered tempo repetition, one will use a slow 3 to 5 second lowering of the weight (eccentric) with no pause at the bottom and depending on the goal, an altered concentric (upwards) movement. I decided to use an explosive upwards movement for Tom. His tempo looked like this:

  • 3 seconds eccentric
  • 0 second pause at the bottom
  • 0 seconds concentric (explosive)
  • 1 second pause at the top

Of couse, depending on the body part and exercise I altered the tempos for each.

Here's what his new program looked like:

Day 1: Altered repetition tempo workout A: Chest / triceps

Day 2: Altered repetition tempo workout B: Back / biceps / abs

Day 3: Altered repetition tempo workout C: Legs

Day 4: Altered repetition tempo workout D: Shoulders

Day 5: Altered repetition tempo workout E: Arm / abs

I also decreased his cardio time. Based on our conversations he was already doing plenty of runs so I dropped most of his cardio and went strictly with an altered tempo repetition program.

Here's where the real magic happened!

I increased his intake of staches and added more fat to his nutrition program. I increased his calorie intake by about 600 daily calories. After adding creatine and other supplements to his diet at the end of phase 2 and in combination with the new training and nutrition program his body simply exploded! He got bigger, wider and thicker all without having to use super heavy weight!

When Tom sent me his updated photos I have to say, I was shocked! When he sent me his photo updates he looked like a body builder! I'm not saying that I doubted my abilities as a pesonal trainer and coach but I was a little shocked at how big and muscular he got in such a short period of time. I am quite proud of Tom and all he's accomplished. We are going to continue with another phase and possibly add another 5 pounds more muscle to his frame and bring his weight back up to 175 - 180 pounds but this time around it will be all muscle!

Take a look at Tom's amazing transformation!

Building Muscle 101's online personal training program results after 12 weeks

Here’s what Tom has to say about the Building Muscle 101 Online Personal Training Program:

"Back in October 2016 I decided it was time to get back on the workout train. At that time in as coming in at 180 pounds. Not terribly over weight for a 5’7” male but enough that I could see it getting out of control.

I found some of Blake’s workouts and started following them. In January of 2017 we started communicating regularly and Blake offered some awesome tips. Fast forward to June of 2017 and I was down to 168 and feeling phenomenal but I wanted to take it to another level.

Blake got me on his program and now I’m floating around 158 pounds and my muscle mass is awesome. I’m a truly a lean mean mean fighting machine and there is still more to go. Blake has not only transformed my body but his meal plan has transformed my eating habits.

The thing I appreciate about Blake is that he continues to listen to any concerns I have and he always tailors a plan to meet my needs. If you need help then there is not a better personal trainer than Blake! Join with him today and become a better version of you!!!

- Thomas Koch

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