Case Study #4 - At 62 Years Young, Farrell Richards Got Into The Best Shape of His Life!

62 year old man gets into the best shape of his life in 4 months, looks half his age

June 6 , 2018

Building Muscle 101's personal training program works! We've helped men and women off all ages, backgrounds, gender and activity reach their physical goals. Here's a story about one of my clients, Farrell Richards.

Farrell is 62 years young and in just 4 months has gotten into the best shape of his life using Building Muscle 101’s personal training program. He looks like a man half his age! Farrell is absolute proof that no matter how old you are, you can get into the best shape of your life!

Name: Farrell Richards

Age: 62

Gender: Male

Occupation: Retired

Fat loss: 6% fat loss (22% to 16%)

Time needed: 4 months to transform his entire body

Start: Jan 2018
After: May, 2018
Net Loss Fat Loss
Body Fat Percentage

When Farrell contacted me back in January he wanted to get bigger, stronger and stay nice and lean. He wanted to get rid of his gut, get stronger and feel (and look) 20 years younger. At the time, Farrell was floating around from workout to workout trying to find a workout that would work for his daily schedule, age, fitness level and equipment. He just couldn’t find a workout that delivered any solid results. When he first contacted me he originally wanted me to create a workout plan for him. I created a custom workout for Farrell which he enjoyed immensely. After following the plan for a month he decided to join my personal training program.

Over the years, Farrell has acquired some home gym equipment which he needed guidance and coaching on using. Since Farrell is retired so I put together a program that utilized the available equipment and worked with his daily schedule. Given his goals and age (62 years young) I developed a program that used movements that didn’t aggravate certain body parts while making sure he progressively and consistently improved in movements that “agreed” with his body. Using this approach I was able to stay in line with his goals of becoming more muscular, stronger and leaner.

Here he is Farrell when he first started:

62 years old before starting building muscle 101 personal training program

After reviewing his profile and assessment I decided that he needed to start clean. He needed to “re-set” his body (and mind) in order to start the growth process. Farrell was already on the lean side so I developed a program for him that would get rid of his gut while allowing him to continuously get stronger and build lean muscle tissue. My original estimate for Farrell to reach his goals was about 3 phases (4 week staged progressions). However, he has progressed so well that we are now in a phase 4 program called the “summer ready” program. Farrell had the following equipment to work with:

  • Bowflex Ultimate 2
  • 2 benches
  • Dumbbell ranging from 2 to 40 pounds
  • 2 bars
  • 1 EZ curl bar
  • 700 pounds of weight

He weighed 175 pounds so I estimated he needed to lose about 10 to 15 pounds to reach his goal. To best accomplish this I created a 5 day program for Farrell that used the following format:

Monday: Upper body program A

Tuesday: Lower body program B

Wednesday: Abs and cardio program C

Thursday: Upper body program D

Friday: Lower body program E

I had to make sure I used exercises that didn’t put his body at risk but also allowed him to consistently get stronger. I used 2 exercises per body part incorporating all of his available equipment. Farrell stated that he wanted to get more muscular in the process so I had to be very careful about how I structured his nutrition plan. I decided to use a 1,700 daily calorie protocol using a balanced nutrition approach. What I wanted to do was sync up his diet and training so that each complimented each other.

Here’s what Farrell looked like after following his program for 4 weeks:

weight training progress one month for 62 year old

Phase 2

Farrell made outstanding progress for the first 4 weeks. I decided after his first phase that he needed to cut back on his intake of starchy carbohydrates and start increasing his bottom line protein intake. I increased his protein intake by another 50 grams per day and decreased his starches to 1 meal per day. I decreased his carbohydrate intake by about 50 grams per day. I redesigned his training program to start utilizing a 5 day workout program in order to capitalize on the gains he made during his first phase. His new training program looked as follows:

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Chest / Triceps

Wednesday: Cardio / Abs

Thursday: Back / Biceps

Friday: Shoulders

Using two to three exercises per body part I started to use implement some intensity boosting methods to help ensure his body kept progressing (without using super heavy weight). I also kept in mind that I had to stay away from exercises that might put his body at risk and keep an eye on the amount of weight being used.

Farrell made outstanding progress and here he is after his phase 2 program.

62 year old mans 2 months results after weight training program

Phase 3

Farrell needed to lose an additional 6 pounds to get down to his goal weight of 160 pounds so I decided to use a more advanced training and nutrition program. I eliminated all starches from his diet and reduced his daily calorie consumption to 1,250. I also reduced his sodium intake to less than 1.5 grams per day and increased his protein to about .9 grams per pound of body weight. I know from experience that at this stage it’s all about nutrient timing in order to keep losing body fat and gaining muscle mass. I decided to introduce certain nutrients at certain times during the day to keep his body growing while reducing fat levels.

Here’s what I wanted for Farrell:

  • To have his body start increasing his bottom line muscle capacity in order to burn more fat and build muscle
  • To have his body start using more oxygen for all of his sessions in order to burn more fat
  • Introduce nutrients at certain times that will allow his body to use glycogen to help with certain days (muscle building days)
  • To have his body stock full of quality protein so that his body soaks up as much protein as possible (as his training intensity increases)

In terms of his training, I decided that in order for him to get to his goal body weight he needed a 5 day program that utilized a 1 body part per session protocol given as follows:

Monday: Legs / abs

Tuesday: Chest / cardio

Wednesday: Back / abs / cardio

Thursday: Shoulders / cardio

Friday: Biceps / Triceps / abs

I implanted certain intensity boosting strategies such as tri sets, giant sets, pre-exhaust and my own custom methods. I also introduced two new supplements into his program because I knew that his body would respond almost immediately given the fact that he was really starting to kick into high gear. One was a pre-workout and the other a fat burner. The result was simply extraordinary! He reached his goal weight of 160 pounds and reduced his body fat percentage from 22% to 16%. Here are his photos after his third phase.

62 year olds results after 2 months of weight training program

62 year olds results after 2 months of training with weights

Phase 4

Pleased with his results, Farrell decided to take his development even further! He wanted to gain more muscle mass and take his body one step further. With that in mind, I decided he was ready for an advanced program that utilizes more advanced techniques using tried and tested methods and some of my own custom techniques. Building off his phase 3 training program I revamped his program that concentrated on those movements that his body best responded well to in addition to introducing new techniques such as my own custom methods (such as consecutive sets and 20 by 20 sets).

I introduced a carbohydrate cycling program for his nutrition program. I knew his body would require more fuel for his tougher workouts such as legs, back and shoulders so I introduced a nutrient manipulation program.

Monday: High carbs

Tuesday: Low carbs

Wednesday: High carbs

Thursday: High carbs

Friday: Low carbs

Saturday: Moderate carbs

Sunday: Low carbs

I added a new supplement into his program which helped with his energy and muscle performance.

At this stage, Farrell’s training and nutrition programs were acting as one. They were so in sync with each other that no matter what he did he added muscle and burned more fat! I have to say, his results surprised me! When he sent me his photo updates he looked jacked! He looked like he was ready for a wrestling match! He looked 20 years younger – lean, muscular and healthy.

Take a look at his photos!

62 year olds 3 month results after building muscle 101 personal training program

62 year olds biceps pose after 3 months of following building muscle 101 personal training program

Summer Ready Phase

Farrell wasn’t done there! He was bit by the body building bug and he needed to see if his body could go further! In my consultations with Farrell he now wanted to get bigger. He wanted to have thicker and fuller muscles. At this point I knew without a doubt that if we reversed his program and started using a higher calorie count with more starches his body would soak it all up and his muscles would completely fill out! His muscles would explode!

With that in mind I increased his calories to 2,500 per day and increased his carbohydrates by about 100 using special meals designed to boost muscle growth on those days his muscle would be most receptive. I also changed up his training routine and used a 5 day protocol but this time, I implemented a lower repetition range and started using compound supersets. I knew it would take about 2 to 3 weeks for his body to soak up all of the nutrients and his muscles to start filling out.

62 year old 4 months results after following building muscle 101 personal training program

62 year old 4 months of weight training after following building muscle 101 personal training program

At the moment, we are going to be adding quality pounds to Farrell’s physique to bring his weight back up to 170 pounds but this time around, this is going to be pure muscle mass! As you can see from his latest photos that Farrell is now putting on healthy muscle mass. I am 100% confident that by July he will be summer ready and ready to unveil a body of someone half his age. At 62 years young Farrell shows no sign of slowing down. 15 weeks ago he looked fragile. Now he looks muscular, powerful and in shape.

Farrell is absolute proof that regardless of your age a person can get strong, get lean and look (and feel) 20 years younger! I take pride in my online personal training program and each one of my clients gets my 30 plus years of experience in designing their systems.

Here’s what Farrell has to say about the program:

"I have progressed more with Blake’s program, than with any other. I enjoy the workouts and the nutrition is made easy. I hope to continue with the program and to get larger. I have gone from 22% body fat to 16%. After I gain some muscle back I hope to lose more body fat."

62 year olds 4 months results after following building muscle 101 personal training program

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