Case Study #3 - Joe McNamara Lost 23 Pounds and Gained 56% More Strength in Three Months!

46 year old man lost 23 pounds in three months

Nov 21, 2017

Building Muscle 101's personal training program works! We've helped men and women off all ages, backgrounds, gender and activity reach their physical goals. Here's a story about one of my clients, Joe McNamara whose goals were to lose 13 pounds and gain muscle mass especially in his upper body. Joe wanted to really trim up especially in the chest and lat areas. To date, Joe has surpassed his goal and has lost 23 pounds of body fat! In addition he has gained 56% more strength and has trimmed up his entire body!

Name: Joe McNamara

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Occupation: Information Technology

Before: Aug 1, 2017
After: Nov 21, 2017
Net Loss
Body Weight (in pounds)
193 LBS
170 LBS
23 LB loss

Joe's before photo (August 1, 2017): Weight 193 pounds

After photos (Nov 21 2017): Weight 170 pounds

When Joe approached me back in July 2017 one of his main goals was to get down to 180 (from 193 pounds). He also wanted to get rid of the fat around his chest and lats and tone up his entire upper torso.

After reviewing Joe’s profile and goals I decided that the best approach was to develop a 4 month phased program to target his priority area which was weight loss and muscle tone/building. As an information technologist, Joe spends most of his day sitting so his metabolism was sluggish (to start) so I had to develop a program to help kick start his metabolism including a specialized diet. Since Joe wanted to really concentrate on improving his upper body area (specifically the chest and lat area) I developed a program to start toning those areas up.

My strategy for Joe was based on my philosophy of using staged progression. That is, I developed a phased program for Joe based on his current physical activity, age, gender, goals, work (and family schedule). Since Joe wanted to workout at a gym I developed a program which uses a combination of machines and free weights. I knew Joe needed about 2 phases to reach his goal weight (180 pounds) but in his third phase he dropped all the way down to 170 solid pounds.

I developed a program based on the following phases:

Phase 1: Weeks 1 to 7

Concentrate on weight loss with a priority focus on developing the upper body specifically the chest and lat area. I developed a 5 day schedule using the following format:

Monday: Upper body specialization program 1

Tuesday: Lower body workout 2

Wednesday: Cardio / abs program 3

Thursday: Upper body specialization program 3

Friday: Torso and biceps program 4

Since Joe wanted to build and tone muscle in his upper body I decided to use a split program that worked two muscle groups per workout. I included one main compound movement and one muscle flushing movement in order to stimulate the entire muscle area. The trick was to slowly increase his muscle capacity with each passing workout so I adjusted his repetitions (and sets) with each passing workout. By altering his repetitions and sets on a weekly basis Joe reached a high level of muscular capacity over the course of 7 weeks. At this time it was time to switch things up and start adding heavier workloads.

Diet: His phase 1 nutrition program was designed around a reduced calorie diet including an increase in daily intake of protein and a reduction of his daily intake of starchy carbohydrates.

Phase 2: Weeks 8 to 12

Training: I kept with a 5 day schedule but this time I split his entire program up so that he was training one muscle group per day. I wanted to make sure that this program would prioritize his upper torso and use a specialized program which would stimulate the deep muscle fibers and increase more muscular capacity. I decided to use more advanced techniques to do so such as supersets, giant sets and others.

Monday: Upper torso specialization program 1

Tuesday: Lower body program 2

Wednesday: Upper body program 3

Thursday: Upper torso specialization program 4

Friday: Upper body program 5

The trick was to make sure he didn’t over train his upper body so I split everything up so that he trained one muscle group directly and indirectly once per week. I included 3 exercises per body part using one main compound movement, one supporting movement and one muscle flush movement. Using this method Joe was able to build much more strength while allowing for more muscular growth and tone. I also adjusted his cardio schedule so that his body was able to fully utilize its fat stores for more energy (I have a neat little trick for this).

Diet: It was necessary to eliminate most of his starchy carbohydrate intake and increase his protein consumption in order to stimulate further fat loss and maintain his muscle tone. I also reduced his sodium intake to about 1.5 grams per day and eliminated all external sugars. The net effect is harder muscles and definition with a higher degree of fat loss.

By first increasing his muscular capacity (phase 1) Joe was able to open up his body’s strength potential. Once I started increasing his workloads (phase 2) Joe’s strength started to really take off. In fact, his strength has skyrocketed! Here are his strength increases so far:

1 rep max (Sept 1, 2017)
1 rep max (Nov 1, 2017)
net strength gain
Machine bench press
80 pounds
160 pounds
80 pounds gain
Machine shoulder press
70 pounds
140 pounds
70 pound gain
Leg curls
50 pounds
90 pounds
40 pound gain
Seated dumbbell press
30 pounds
55 pounds
25 pound gain
95 pounds
185 pounds
90 pound gain
Barbell row
110 pounds
150 pounds
40 pound gain
30 second hold
1 minute holds
30 second gain
Net gain
435 pounds
780 pounds
345 pound gain for a 56% increase in strength over a 3 month period!!

In terms of supplements, Joe is only using a protein powder. His entire nutritional program is built around consuming healthy and whole foods. For his next phase I am going to include one additional supplement which will be a creatine free pre workout drink (He can’t consume creatine products).

Net Results So Far

  • 23 pound weight loss
  • 56% increase in overall strength

We are only nearing the end of his second phase. Joe is working extremely hard and his results have been phenomenal. For his third phase I am going to switch things up to starting hitting those deep muscle fibers for more muscle growth. I’d like to get his weight down to about 165 pounds at which point most of the fat in his lower chest and lat area will all but disappear.

I will be introducing an entirely new weight training (and cardio program) in addition to a more advanced nutrition program. Once he reaches his goal weight, it’s time to start adding hard, lean muscle mass which I’m 100% confident he can do. I’m confident that by next spring he’ll look lean and muscular and feeling like a 20 year old again!

In just 3 months, Joe’s entire body has changed. You can see that his cheeks, chin and upper torso have all trimmed up and his stomach has reduced greatly in size.

46 year old man lost 23 pounds in three months

Here’s what Joe has to say about his change and what my personal training program has done for him:

“After a ten year absence from “any exercise,” I was searching the web for a program that would help me lose weight and build muscle. I came across Blake’s Bissaillion’s Building muscle-101 site and began reading his featured weight training articles and workout tips. What initially impressed me the most was the amount of material on a wide range of fitness subjects that he was offering, from nutrition to building muscle. After much research, I felt that Blake had a well-rounded fitness philosophy, so I decided to enroll in his customized personal training program. This has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself in years.

Why? Because his program gets you results. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, Blake will build you a complete customized program to help you reach your fitness goals; regardless of what they are. In a little over two months, I have made more gains that I could have ever made on my own, because he gives you a full nutrition program, along with a customized weight training routine which he tracks and updates weekly, based on your reported progress. You know what to expect every time you work out, so it is truly a personalized. All you have to do is show up and follow your routines, which can be printed out online or accessed via an easy to use mobile app. Blake communicates quickly and will promptly answer any questions you have. So far, I have lost 23 pounds, gained strength, and increased lean muscle. Compared to what most personal training costs at a commercial gym, you are getting a lot more for your money. I look forward to my workouts, because I know that I am making good use of every minute.

Thank you Blake"

- Joe McNamara

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