Case Study #2 - How Cory Miller Lost 43 61 Pounds in Two Four Months!

Feb, 2018

Building Muscle 101’s personal training program works! We’ve helped men and women off all ages, backgrounds, gender and activity reach their physical goals. Here’s a story about one of my clients, Cory Miller who lost 61 pounds of body weight and gained 63% more strength in just over four months using one of Building Muscle 101’s personal training systems.


Here’s what Cory looks like now:

Cory has lost over 60 pounds of fat in just over 4 months!!

Name: Cory Miller
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Occupation: General Operational Manager

Before: Sept 1, 2017
After: Feb 1, 2018
Net Loss
Body Weight (in pounds)
249 LBS
188 LBS
61 LB loss
Waist (in inches)
4.5" loss
Hip (in inches)
9" loss
Neck (in inches)
2.5" loss
Chest (in inches)
8" loss
Thighs (in inches)
4" loss
Totals inches lost
28.5" LOST!!

Cory’s before photos (September, 2017) – Taken just before he started his personal training program:

Cory’s midway point photos (Nov 3, 2017)

And finally on Feb 2018 (lean, muscular and strong as a bull!)

When Cory Miller approached me back in August 2017 he was committed to making a change. He was tired of being overweight, out of shape and lethargic. At 5’ 8” and 249 pounds he felt tired most days and didn’t feel healthy at all. He wanted to feel healthy again. He wanted to feel strong again. He wanted to find more energy and to be fit again. He knew that he needed a change but just didn’t know where to begin. He was dead set on being healthier and more muscular but needed a plan, some direction on how to proceed.

That’s when he contacted me.

After a few email conversations I knew immediately that he was committed – He was “all in”. Due to his busy job and family life he decided that in order to maximize his time he needed to workout from home. He invested in a home gym and all the necessary barbells, dumbbells and other equipment needed to achieve his dream of being healthy, fit and muscular.

My strategy for Cory was based on my philosophy of using staged progression. That is, I developed a phased program for Cory based on his current physical activity, age, gender, goals, work (and family schedule) and available equipment. In my estimation, Cory needed about 2 or 3 phases to get down to his goal bodyweight (170 – 175 pounds) and another 2 phases to reach an impressive level of muscularity (back up to about 185 solid and muscular pounds). So I developed a program based on the following phases:

Phase 1: Weeks 1 to 4

Training: 3 day program based on using full body workouts to help “reprogram” his body to get used to the new movements. I assigned 3 different full body workouts as such:

Monday: Full body workout A

Wednesday: Full body workout B

Friday: Full body workout C

Each workout is different and uses one compound movement per muscle group. I added some basic cardio for Cory to follow to help prime his body for fat loss. The real key here was to establish a baseline repetition model that allowed his body to keep working at modest levels for the first 3 weeks without “shocking” his nervous system. This is very important. I wanted to keep his body adapting to each workout without going overboard and overtaxing his nervous system. This is very important for folks over 40.

I monitored his peformance very closely and based on his weekly results I adjusted his repetitions, sets and weight to make sure each of Cory’s workouts were always progressing and moving forward.

Diet: His phase 1 nutrition program was designed around a reduced calorie diet using a balanced diet protocol (40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat). I reduced his sodium intake to less than 2.5 grams in order to help rid his body of toxins and water bloating.

Cory aggressively followed this program and the results were very dramatic.

Phase 2: Weeks 5 to 9

Training: 5 day program based on using full body workouts and increasing his overall muscular capacity and improving his cardio in order to stimulate even more fat loss. I assigned the following programs:

Monday: Full body workout A

Tuesday: Cardio and ab workout

Wednesday: Full body workout B

Thursday: Cardio and ab workout

Friday: Full body workout C

I added additional exercises for Cory to follow and assigned two additional cardio (and ab) workouts in order to stimulate even more fat loss.

With each passing week I added different methods and techniques for Cory to follow which allowed him to challenge his body even more for added fat loss and strength gain. The main purpose of this phase was to increase Cory’s muscular capacity in order to enhance fat loss as well as increasing bottom line strength levels. In the first phase I introduced a baseline repetition scheme which allowed his body to adapt. It was now time to increase the repetitions (and intensity) in order to improve his bottom line muscular capacity.

Phase 3: Weeks 10 to 16

His phase 3 program was based on a 5 day workout protocol working 1 muscle group per day.

Monday: Chest workout A (special ab / cardio plan 1)

Tuesday: Leg workout B

Wednesday: Back workout C

Thursday: Shoulder workout D (special ab / cardio plan 2)

Friday: Biceps / Triceps workout E

The idea with phase 3 was to really concentrate on two main things…Building muscle and burning fat! Phase 3 accomplished that. With a specially design weight training and cardio plan I was able to optimize Cory’s program to captialize on strength and cardio efforts. Phase 3 was an advanced program that utilized a varitey of intensity boosting factors in addition to staggering his repetition and weight usage. The net result was increased fat burning results in addition to building hard, lean muscle tissue.

I have to admit, Cory attacked this program like a man possessed. He took on each of my workout challenges and surpassed every one of them!

His strength has skyrocketed! Here are his strength increases so far:

1 rep max (Sept 1, 2017)
1 rep max (Feb 1, 2018)
net strength gain
Bench press
120 pounds
220 pounds
100 pounds
Incline dumbbell press
45 pounds
80 pounds
35 pounds
One arm dumbbell row
50 pounds
80 pounds
30 pounds
Body weight only
280 pounds
Seated dumbbell press
35 pounds
55 pounds
20 pounds
Net gain
250 pounds
715 pounds
465 pound net gain for a 65% increase in overall strength

Cory has gained an extremely amount of strength over the course of just over two months. In terms of overall weight lifted, Cory has gone from 1,956 pounds (as of September 6, 2017) to 14,580 pounds (as of November 1, 2017) lifted. Please remember this includes the sum of all weight lifted. See the chart below:

This shows a truly outstanding level of strength improvement of the course of two months.


Cory’s nutrition program coincided with his weight training plan. Each nutritional phase was specially designed to maximize Cory’s performance in and out of the gym.

Phase 1 Nutrition

I made the following adjustments to Cory’s phase 1 nutritional program as follows:

  • Reduced his bottom line calorie intake by 500 calories
  • Reduced his sodium intake to under 2.5 grams per day
  • Increased his protein intake by roughly 40 grams per day
  • Reduced his intake of starchy carbohydrates and reduced overall carb intake by 50 grams
  • Reduced all sugar intake

Phase 2

  • Reduced his bottom line calorie intake by another 500 calories per day (1,000 in total)
  • Reduced his sodium intake to under 1.5 grams per day
  • Increased his protein intake by another 40 grams per day
  • Reduced his intake of starchy carbohydrates and reduced overall carb intake by another 40 grams
  • Eliminated all sugar

Phase 3

  • Reduced his bottom line calorie intake by 500 calories per day (1,500 in total)
  • Reduced his sodium intake to under 1.3 grams per day
  • Increased his protein intake by another 40 grams per day
  • Introduced a carb / protein cycling program
  • Eliminated all sugar

The increased oxygen uptake in Cory’s training program (plus his improved muscular capacity) allowed a super cohesive relationship with his new diet. By reducing his sodium intake to under 1.3 grams per we were able to keep is water retetion to a minimum. In other words, he was able to concentrate solely on burning fat (and bodyweight) and not worry about his water weight fluctuations.

The new demands placed on Cory from his new weight training program were consistently getting more intense. In order to ensure he kept gaining strength and additional muscular capacity I increased his overall protein consumption. Additionally, I wanted to make sure his body was using more oxygen for his cardio and higher than normal repetitions so I reduced his starchy carbohydrates so his body started using fat for energy (oxygen). The net result was an increase in his fat burning capabilities and strength levels.

Supplement Plan

I used a 3 staged supplement plan for Cory. I know from experience that certain (natural) supplements will work wonders using a staged progression approach (such as my unique approach). I started Cory out with a simple protein powder. For his next phase I implemented a vitamin / mineral program plus his protein powder supplements. By the time the 3 phase came along his body was in full swing and I implemented a vitamin/mineral, protein powder, and pre and post workout supplement strategy. Using a combination of protein, carbohydrates, creatine, glutamine and vitamins his strength sky rockted.

This new supplement schedule helped him boost additional strength and muscle gains (all natural supplements).

I’ve been in this game for over 30 years and I know exactly which supplements work, when to take them and how to use them to get the absolute best results. I laid Cory’s plan out and all he had to do was follow the plan!

The great thing about his custom nutrition plan is I only use his favorite foods so he doesn’t have to “choke” down foods he doesn’t like.

Net Results So Far

  • 61 pound weight loss
  • 4.5 inch loss from his waist
  • 9 inch loss from his hips
  • 2.5 inch loss from his neck
  • 65% increase in overall strength

Cory has not only lost a lot of body weight but he also gained a huge amount of STRENGTH!

Here’s a look at his weight loss progression:

Body Weight (in pounds)
Aug 25
Sept 5
Sept 10
Sept 15
Sept 21
Sept 26
Oct 1
Oct 5
Oct 10
Oct 15
Oct 20
Oct 25
Nov 3
Dec 1
Jan 2 (2018)
Feb 7 (2018)

We are only nearing the end of his second phase and the third phase will be a more advanced program designed to strip off the remaining body weight and fat in order to get down to his goal weight of 170 pounds. I will be introducing an entirely new weight training (and cardio program) in addition to a more advanced nutrition program. Here’s where the magic of this program happens. Once Cory reaches his goal weight his body will be like a sponge. I’m going to create a new program that takes advantage of this situation and create a true growth environment. His new program will allow his body to “soak” up additional nutrients in order to grow more muscle while keeping his fat levels to a minimum. His new program will allow him to get stronger than he’s ever been while adding 5 to 10 pounds of pure muscle mass.

By next spring he will unveil and entirely different body. He’s going to look younger, fitter, healthier and much more muscular!

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As you can see, Cory’s entire body has changed in just over four months. You can actually see Cory’s body has changed from head to toe!

Here’s what Cory has to say about his change and what my personal training program has done for him:

“First of all I would like to thank Building Muscle 101 for a life changing experience. I’m like everyone else when it comes to scams. Most programs I came across are a joke and are only in it for the money. I came across Building Muscle 101 web page and read all that it had to offer. At that point I decided to fill out the information and submit it. By the next morning I had a reply back from Blake.

I made a commitment to Blake that I was ready for a change and a change he gave me. I’m blessed to have met Blake. I didn’t mention to anyone I was make a change or dieting. My own mother asked me if I was feeling okay. She could see my body changing and changing for the good. Building Muscle 101 has given me the tools, direction, and motivation to succeed at what matter the most, Good Health!

My wife has been calling me a pencil neck. Yeah, I think the cat is out of the bag that I’m trying to lose weight. I can’t fool anyone by saying, “I just bought bigger clothes” LOL… This change feels great, and I don’t know how I let myself get that far out of shape. This morning I weigh in at 205.7 lbs. Now achieving my goal doesn’t look so hard.

Most of all Thank You Blake, for helping me meet my goals. You are truly dedicated to helping others, Amen.


Cory Miller”

Let me ask you:

  • Are you tired of being overweight and out of shape?
  • Are you tired of having no energy?
  • Are you confused by all the conflicting information on the internet on how to lose weight, burn fat and build muscle?
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I offer the following solutions:

  • Complete personal training solutions (Like the one Cory Miller is using in the above example). This is a complete program including coaching and ongoing mentoring / guidance.
  • Weight training program solutions: I create your very own weight training workout based on your goals, gender, available equipment, activity levels and age
  • Nutritional solutions: I create your very own nutrition plan based on a 7 day meal plan based on your goals, gender, activity levels and age

If you’re reading this page I know you want to change the way you look and feel – You’re here for a reason because you want to make a change! Take action today and start transforming your body!

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Yours in health,

Blake Bissaillion
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