Collegiate Coach's Workout

I was a collegiate coach for many years and VARIETY is key in weight training. Because lifting can be monotonous for the "non-creative" person....I oftentimes varied from our routine. It offers FUN, anticipation and without even thinking about it--cardio.

Here's an example of the notecards I handed each of them as we started that day.


a TYPICAL card.....(do in order)

(Note: T-treadmill, E-elyptical, Step-steptrainer of whatever you have available, B-bike.) You can substitute with any cardio if these aren't available. Lift means--you decide WHICH lift and do three sets 10.)

1. 6 mins T - treadmill

2. 2 mins E - elliptical trainer

3. lift weights

4. 3 mins bike

5. 50 crunches

6. lift weights

7. 12 frd. lunges, 12 backward

8. 3 mins bike

9. 2 mins Step - stair stepper

10. lift weights

11. 4 mins E---alternating 12 pumps on rt. foot only, 12 pumps on left only...throughout the time.

12. lift weights

13. 3 mins T

14. 2 mins E

15. 3 mins B

16. lift weights

17. 2 mins easy jumprope

1 min HARD/Fast jumprope

16. Lift

17. Lift

18. 50 crunches

19. Lift

20. 6 mins cooldown bike

(Note: over 35 mins of cardio in this...BUT, because your heart rate stays up with the lifts between---your body gets twice that benefit. Over the years, my players have LOVED these workouts.

- Teri

For illustrations and descriptions of the weight training exercises, please go to the following page:

Weight lifting exercises

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