Build A Powerful Chest With This Awesome Chest Workout


I’m sure if you’re reading this page now, you are interested in building a large powerful chest, a chest that has muscle from top to bottom.

I got some good news for you, I have a chest routine here that will put you on the road to building a large powerful chest. The routine is a tough one but if you’re up to it, it will add some impressive size.

The chest workout is simple in scope but if you do this properly it will add greatly to your chest training.

It’s important to note that the weight I’ve chosen for this chest workout is hypothetical. You must be the judge as to what weight you will need to properly exhaust the pecs.

I realize not everyone will be able to bench press 350 pounds but it is relative to how much you can currently press. If you can’t bench press 300 pounds, don’t try it. Stick to a weight that’s heavy enough for you to workout with but light enough that you can actually lift it.

If you are a beginner to weight lifting, I suggest you skip this chest workout and try the beginner weight lifting routines listed here.

This is an intermediate/advanced chest workout and should only be attempted after you have past the beginner phase.

The Chest Workout

The first thing to do in this chest workout is to warm up. Take 5 to 10 minutes and lightly do some aerobic work such as the treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical trainer. It doesn’t have to be these machines, it can be any other warm up exercise you enjoy. Get your body moving and your heart beat up a little. However, don’t go too crazy because you really want to save your energy for the workout. If you’re dead set on really heating up on the cardio, save it for after you’ve finished the workout.

Next, do some stretching. It’s important that you do a little bit of light stretching before the start of the chest workout because you’ll need to have your muscles well prepared.

The first exercise in this chest workout is the bench press. Lie down on the bench and put your hands around an empty bar. The bar will not have any weight on it but it is very important that you get into the correct mind set.

Grab hold of the cold bar and wrap your hands tightly around it. Feel the bar. Take the bar off the rack and slowly lower it to your chest, keeping your pecs tight and flexed. Pull your shoulder girdle down against the bench, keeping the pressure on the pecs.

Press the bar up and squeeze tight. Repeat 12 more reps in this style. After you have completed 12 reps, do some stretching for your chest. Remember to flex your pecs hard. Get the blood flowing. Go and get a drink of water.

Rest for about a minute and load the bar up with 135 pounds. Do 12 perfect reps and really concentrate on the movement. Really get into it. Remember, this is going to be an awesome chest workout.

After you have completed the 12 reps, stretch the chest muscles. Really flex the pecs hard. Get the blood flowing and get that pump happening.

Load the bar up with 225 pounds. Do 8 perfect reps. Slowly lower the weight down to your chest and lightly kiss your sternum and drive it back up. Trust your sternum up all the way and keep those pecs flexed tightly. Stretch your chest out and really go for the full range of motion. Flex those pecs hard.

Go and get a drink of water and really concentrate on your next set of this chest workout.

You are going to add 50 more pounds to the bar. You can see the plates on the bar and you can see yourself blasting those reps out. Concentrate hard on the bar. It’s just you and the bar, that’s it.

Load the bar up to 275 pounds. Using the same strict form, slowly lower the weight to your chest and lightly kiss the sternum. Blast the weight back up. Flex those pecs hard all the way.

Go for three more reps. Boom, boom, boom. But don’t rack the weight yet, do three more using the same strict style. All eyes are on you watching you blast out this weight using super strict style. Rack the weight.

Stretch the pecs out and remember to flex them hard. The blood should be flowing nicely now and the pump is making you feel good.

Go and get a drink or water. Get focused on this chest workout because you’re gonna be adding another 40 pounds to the bar for your next set.

Take a light walk around and really concentrate on the weight.

Go back to the bench and add 40 more pounds to the bar. You now have 315 pounds on the bar. Feel the plates, feel the intensity. Wrap your hands around that cold bar and take it off the rack.

It feels heavy but it feels great. Push that weight hard, boom, boom, boom. Three perfect reps in perfect form. Go for it!

After the set, stretch your chest out and flex those pecs hard. By now, the blood should be flowing nicely. This is the best chest workout of your life!

Go and take a drink of water. You have now come to the test. This is where the rubber meets the pavement. Add on another 35 pounds to bring the weight to 350 pounds.

This is the first time you have tried this weight in a chest workout but you know you can do it. Have your workout partner ready behind you. Wrap your hands around the bar tightly. Mentally picture yourself blasting this weight up. You feel good.

Take it off the rack and take it down, nice and slow. Lightly touch your sternum and press it back up with everything you have. Do three more in the same form with your workout parter assisting you all the way.

Rack the weight and immediately strip the weight down to 185 pounds. Perform 12 super strict reps. Squeeze your chest all the down and all the way up. Give this set everything you’ve got! Rack the weight.

Stretch out your pecs and remember to flex them hard. Go and get a drink of water and take a breather.

Head over to the incline bench press for the next exercise of this chest workout. Load the bar up with 135 pounds and blast out 12 reps in the same strict form as you did with the bench press. Stretch those pecs and squeeze hard at the top. Rack the weight.

Stretch those pecs out and flex them hard. Add 50 pounds to the bar. Take a quick breather. Pump out 8 strict, tight reps. keep each rep slow and controlled. squeeze those pecs hard at the top. Rack the weight.

Stretch your chest out and flex them hard. Grab a drink of water.

After a minute, load the bar up to 225 pounds. Go for 8 strict reps using the slow and controlled reps. Feel the burn.

Take a breather and get a drink of water. Stretch and flex the pecs. At this point in your chest workout, your chest should be pumped to the max. Add another 50 pounds to the bar to bring the weight up to 275 pounds.

Your gonna need a spotter so have your workout partner behind you. Blast out 6 to 8 reps. Have your partner assist you with a couple of forced reps. Follow this set up with some stretching. Remember to flex those pecs.

Immediately drop the weight down to 135 pounds and pump out 15 controlled reps in super strict style. Feel the burn and really squeeze those pecs hard at the top. Stretch those pecs at the bottom of the movement.

At this point in the chest workout, you pecs should be on fire. But it feels great.

Stretch those pecs out and get a drink of water.

The next exercises are a super set between dips and flyes. This is a killer exercise combo to finish of your killer chest workout.

Head on over to the bench and grab a pair of 40 pounders. You’re going to start with flat bench flyes.

Pump out 12 super strict reps. Stretch those pecs and sqeeeze them hard at the top. After you’ve completed this exercise, head on over to the dipping station and blast out 12 reps. I know it’s hard but you can do it.

Stretch the pecs out and flex them hard. Get a drink of water.

Grab the 50 pounders and blast out another 12 reps in the flat bench fly followed by another 12 reps on at the dipping station. Stretch and flex those pecs hard. Take a breather and get a drink of water.

At this point in your chest workout, your pecs should be on fire and totally filled with blood. It feels great!

Your last set in the chest workout. Really go for it. Drop the weight down to 40 pounds and pound out 12 super strict reps.

Really feel the stretch and flex those pecs hard at the top. Immediately head over to the dipping station and do as many dips as you can until you can’t do anymore.

Take a breather and get a drink of water. Done! The killer chest workout is done. You can feel your chest growing. The next one is going to be even better because you’ve been feeding your body with the optimal amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

You now need to feed your body with some muscle building nutrients. Upon the completion of your killer chest workout, consume the following drink.

Chest Workout Muscle Builder

  • ? 1 cup of orange juice
  • ? 1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt
  • ? 2 scoop whey protein isolate powder/
  • ? 2 tbsp honey
  • ? ½ cup low fat or 1% milk
  • ? 5 grams creatine monohydrate – optional but recommended.

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Add 3 to 4 ice cubes for a smoothie or if you really want some power, add in a banana. For more power packed smoothie recipes, click here.

Follow up with a full muscle building meal two hours after. If you are using a weight lifting log, Remember to record every detail and adjust your next workout weight based on your progress. Click here for free weight training logs.

Remember, intensity is the key. Keep focused and concentrate on building muscle!

Good luck and all the best,


Blake Bissaillion

Blake has been weight lifting for about 28 years now. He's 45 years of age and started seriously training when he was 18 years old.

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