How You Can Build Diamond Shaped Calves

Tip #7
"How To Kick Start Your Calf Development"

Do you have weak calf development? Are you sick and tired of training your calves with little or no results?

When it comes to training your bodyparts, calves is probably the least popular muscle group to train.

I mean, it's not like training chest or arms where the movements seem to be so much more exciting. Calves seem like a very boring muscle group to train. Well, that seems to be the mind set's of today's aspiring weight trainers.

However boring calf training seems to be, exercising calves is a must for overall leg development.

Have you ever seen someone with great upper leg development but next to no calf development? It's almost comical. You have to start training your calves to bring your leg development into balance.

Training calves for optimum growth is another matter...For alot of us, getting your calves to respond to training is next to impossible.

I think this is one of the reasons why alot of people are turned off by calf training. Calves are simply a hard bodypart to train.

I know for a fact that my calves were very hard to respond to training. I tried heavy sets, light sets, low rep sets, high rep sets...You name it. However, after years of training and experimenting, I found an exercise scheme that always kick starts my calf development.

With this in mind, I decided to put together a short intense training routine that will get your calf development off to a right start.

If your having problems getting your calves to respond, give this exercise a try for a month or so.

Standing calf raises

1 set of 20 - Warm up.

3 sets of 10-12 -Increase weight by 20% with each set. You should be at 80% of you max by your last set. Rest for 50 seconds in between each set

Leg press calf raises

To do this exercse, you'll need a leg press machine. Simply sit down on the seat and place your legs on the platform. Move your feet down a bit until only tops of your feet (toes) are touching the platform. Extend your legs and simply move the weight back and forth, with your calves. Remember, don't use your upper legs.

3 sets of 12 - Increase weight by 20% with each set. Rest for 40 seconds in between each set.

Seated calf raises

Perform 4 sets of 15 with 70% to 80% maximum weight and rest for 20 seconds between sets. It's very important that you count to 20 and immediately start your set.

The last exercise brings a new meaning to the word “burn”. If you can take the burn, this technique can do wonders for your calf development.

Make sure that you set specific goals for your calf exercises and measurements. If you want to add one inch to your calf development in 3 month, make sure you make it your goal. This will set your long term goal.

From there you will break it down into short term goals, adding more and more weight while improving your form.

Remember this point. This is very important when you are trying to gain calf size. You have to set everything aside and train them first.

I know, it may seem like your taking away from other muscle groups but your not. By prioritizing your calf exercises, you make sure that they receive 100% of your energy.

Trust me, give it a couple of months and your calf development will be vastly improved.

Stick with it and your calves will improve 100%.

Ok, the next tip well, not so much a tip than information. I'm going to provide to you some more tasty muscle building recipes.

You'll get a couple of extra breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner recipes.

All the best,

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