Building Muscle 101 Newsletter #15 - Second Part - October 2007 Issue


1. How To Gain Lean Body Mass;

2. 9 Steps To Adding Hard, Lean Muscle Mass;

3. Mass Shoulder Workout Routine;


How To Gain Lean Body Mass

Do you really want to add some hard, lean body mass? If your interested at all in building a hard, lean body, you might want to read this article. Find out how I personally went from a skinny 165 pounds to a 200 pound powerhouse in under 14 weeks.

Find out how you can do the same in this article

How To Gain Lean Body Mass


9 Steps To Adding Hard, Lean Muscle Mass

This month, I decided to pass on some tips to help boost your recovery periods. As we all know, your recovery is one of the most important elements in your weight training program. A good recovery means good muscle growth, a bad recovery means no muscle growth. Find out more in this article.

How To Add More Muscle Mass


Mass Shoulder Workout

If there is one thing that screams "I'm A Friggin' Powerhouse!" it's a solid set of shoulders. I mean you can have a huge pair of arms or you can have a big puffy chest, but without big shoulders, you still look "weak". Big, powerful shoulders exudes strength and confidence. This month, I'm going to take you through a workout that will help thicken and widen your shoulders.

Mass Shoulder Workout Routine


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