Building Muscle 101 Newsletter # 28 November 2008

It's Blake from Building Muscle 101.

This month, I've decided to add a new element to the newsletter. I've decided to add a question and answer section. Since I get a lot of questions from the readers of building muscle101, I decided it would be in my best interest to let other readers, with similar questions to find the answer they've been looking for.

So, I hope you enjoy that part of the newsletter.

Also, I sent everyone an email about two weeks ago about Vince Delmonte's $19.95 special on his program "No Nonsense Muscle Building". This is a 21 day trial and after that trial period, if you are satisfied with the course, you will be billed the remainder of the difference, which is about $57.

Now, the cost of the system is about $77, so if you don't like the course and you're on the trial, head on over to and get a refund. I want to apologize to those of you who didn't realize this was the case because I thought Vince's website explained how this was to work. However, I'm sure most of you who are on the trial are more than satisfied with his 29 week system.

Alright, on with this months issue - I'm sure you're gonna love it!


1.Forearms Workout;

2.Best Repetition Range To Build Muscle;

3.Weight Training To Burn Fat;

4.Question And Answers.


Forearms Workout

Strong, powerful forearms exude power. They are also exposed year round and it's for these reasons why most of us want large and powerful forearms. I'm going to show you some techniques as well as a routine to build a pair of large and strong forearms.

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Best Repetition Range To Build Muscle

I'll be the first to tell you that everyone is different and will require different repetition ranges to build muscle. However, there are certain repetition ranges that are very conducive to building muscle.

The following technique is a wonderful way to build muscle and strength. It will spare your joints and connective tissues while providing an environment for muscle growth. I've used this technique for years when I want to improve one of my compound movements and it works like a charm.

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Weight Training To Burn Fat

For as long as I can remember, fitness gurus preached that if you wanted to lose weight and burn fat, you had to do 30 minutes of steady state cardio each and every day. These same gurus also preached that if you wanted to get big and bulky, you had to weight train. Well, times are changing. Weight training has been proven to be a top fat burner. Is weight training the way to go? Find out in this article.

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Question And Answers

This month's questions are located under "Questions for November 2008". Here are this months questions:

- How To Get A Bit Bulkier;
- Dead Lifts And When To Take Whey Protein;
- Skinny Kid Needs Help Gaining Body Mass!
- Does Whey Protein Cause Acne?
- How To Lose Body Fat And Weight;
- Tips For Hard Gainers;
- Strength Training For MMA

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Well, that's if for this issue. Stay tuned for alot more tips and techniques in next month's issue.


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