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Issue #30 May 2009

Sorry for the delay everybody, we have some issues to sort out here at building muscle 101. Anyways, we have some great information for you in this issue. Check out some of this month's topics:

• How to use negatives to blast your bench press. I’m 100% certain that if you can perform this technique properly, you’ll easily add another 20 pounds to your bench press. This is an advanced technique designed for one thing only, and that’s to boost your raw bench press strength. I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

• How not to do the bench press. Folks, you have to check this article out because I’m going to take you through the proper way to do the bench press. Besides, your going to want to check out the video in this article because this is definitely how you don’t want to do the bench press.

• How much strength do you lose after you’ve taken a break from training? I’ll provide you with some personal insights into this phenomenon.

• We all know that protein builds muscle. However, is it all you need to build quality muscle mass? In this article, I’m going to explain to you the other nutrients that are just as important as protein when it comes to building muscle. You can have all the protein you want but without these nutrients, your not going to build an ounce of muscle mass.

• Get the most out of your supplements. I’m going to explain to you in this article how you can tailor your supplement schedule to get more out of your supplements.

• Gaspari Size On review. I’ve used about two tubs of Size On and I’m going to share my experience with this supplement.

Issue #29 December 2008

This issue is a holiday issue so enjoy! Included are:

• Weight training with the flu. This is an important topic because we are all susceptible to colds and flu’s at this time of the year. The question is whether or not you should be trying to weight train when you’re stricken with a cold or the flu.

• Training to muscular failure. This is a huge topic because there is a shift in the weight training world with regards to building muscle and training to failure. It has been widely accepted that the only way to get big and strong was to train to failure. Is this right? Let me give you my take on this subject.

• Cool holiday weight training tip. This is the time of the year to try something new and exciting.

• Question and answer period. Over 14 questions ranging from building muscle, gaining weight, to optimal rest periods.

Issue #28 November 2008

This is a unique issue for building muscle 101's newsletter. For the first time, we are offering a question and answer period. The response has been quite positive and the questions are flowing in. We are doing our best to stay on top of the questions and to try and answer all the questions, however, that’s proving to be pretty big task.

In this month’s issue we have the following for you:

• Power forearms workout. This workout will look at developing your forearms into huge hunks of ham. In this article, I’ll pass on a technique that will greatly boost your grip strength and get your forearms on the road to big time muscle growth.

• What is the optimal repetition range to build muscle mass? I’m going to let you in on what I think is the best repetition range to build serious muscle mass. I can say this, the repetition range isn’t what your thinking.

• Weight training to burn body fat. This is a very exciting article because I’m going to lay it all out on the line for you. How you can burn huge amounts of body fat with weight training.

Issue #27 October 2008

Your going to love this issue because I discuss the following:

• High intensity training - What it is and how it can help you build large, powerful muscles. Weight training program is included.

• Should a weight trainer take creatine? I’ll look at all the aspects of creatine supplementation.

• Can arginine help promote an increase in growth hormone? I’ve done personal experiments and research on this subject and the results are very interesting.

• 20 years of training and what I’ve learned. Find out in this issue what I’ve learned and my lessons are from 20 plus years of weight training.

• Review of Iso Pro’s Whey protein.

These are just some of the topics I’ll be discussing in this very exciting issue.

Issue #26 July Part 2 2008

In this issue, I'm going to look at an article I picked up from Maxime Saint-Onge, who is a regular writer for "Beyond Fitness" magazine. I stumbled across this article and found it very interesting. Maxime talks about cardio exercise and weight and how each type of cardio intensity levels affect weight loss. He goes into detail about just how much calories are burned with different types of cardio intensity levels. The reason I included this article is because it looks at the debate between steady state cardio and high intense cardio. Which is better?

I'm going to let you take a look at my home training routine. This routine is working great and is designed to build my strength and muscle mass from my lay off because of my rotator cuff injury. For those of you who want to workout from home, you have to read this article.

I'm also going to look at the following:

- Tip to boost workout energy levels;

- The best pre workout supplements;

- Meal timing for workout and non workout days.

Your going to love this issue!

Issue #25 July Part 1 2008

This issue it packed with information! I'm going to show you how to calculate your body fat levels. This is a quick and dirty way to get a rough idea of how much body fat you have on your body. Very important to know.

I also have a 21's workout for you. This is an advanced training technique that will totally flush your muscles with blood and pump the muscle to extreme proportions.

I'm also going to go into great detail about the age old question "what's better, cardio or weight training?". This is my personal take on what I think is better and why. This is a must read!

For this month's workout, I'm going to pass on one of my favourite triceps workout. This is a brutal workout but it will directly hit the triceps and get them on the road to monster growth.

Issue #24 June 2008

I have two very important weight training tips for you in this issue. The first tip is about a slight adjustment to shoulder shrugs. Do this and you'll improve the effectiveness of the barbell shrug. The second tip is very important and one that will double your gains in a matter of a few weeks. However, this one can be difficult to do. If you have the commitment, this tip will boost your gains dramatically.

Are you having trouble with stomach fat? Well, I've outlined a plan in this issue to help you combat that spare tire around your waist.

For this month's review, I'm taking a look at Ryan Lee's "Body Bot" which is a computer based program that takes you through a complete workout with a professional trainer. An interesting program to say the least!

Issue #23 May Part 2 2008

To weight train with or without a partner? What's better? Let me give you my story about working out with and without a training buddy and the results. Also, can workout music make a big difference to your workouts? I'm going to go over the pro's and con's of working out with music.

For this months workouts, I'm going to give everyone a simple home workout that anyone can do. However, this workout is designed to build muscle and strength so it's hard to do. The second workout is for those of you who don't have access to weights. It's a workout without weights and designed to help you build muscle mass.

Issue #22 May Part 1 2008

I'm going to lay the mass building myth all out on the line for you in this issue. This is a very special issue because I'm going to tell you the only ways to build muscle mass. There are really no other ways to do it and I'll tell you this, if you can do one of these things each and every workout, you'll build muscle mass - No secrets and no myths.

For this month's review, I go over Muscle Tech's Nitro Tech. This is Muscle Tech's flagship product and one that has been hyped up to be more than 24 times as effective as regular whey protein. Is it true? Find out here as I dissect this product.

Issue #21 April 2008

This is the "chest building" issue. Firstly, I'm going to go over how you can build a large, powerful chest. I'm going to go over all the elements that you need to start using in order to start improving your strength, and from there, start building some serious muscle mass for your chest. I'm also going to discuss the best chest exercises you should be using as well as a serious of upper chest exercises.

If your also looking to build big biceps, I've decided to go over all the elements you need to start using to build big biceps. I'll go over specialization, perdiodization, direct and indirect exercises, and a bunch of other techniques that you can use to build some big pipes.

There's one technique in particular, that you can start using for the barbell curl. Do this one little "adjustment" and your arms will respond immediately.

Do you have problems with "man boobs"? Well, I've written an article about how you can reduce the appearance of "boobs".

Issue #20 March 2008

In this issue, I have some cool tips and techniques. One of these tips, I used to love to do. It's fun and it is very, very effective. Your gonna want to read this one! I'm also going to provide a daily weight gain plan. All you have to do is follow this plan and your going to gain some serious muscle mass. This plan is for workout and non workout days, complete with a supplement schedule.

Also, in this issue, I'm going to go over a technique that I use to this very day. I use this technique to boost my workouts and it gives me a powerful edge. It's simple to do and one that anyone can use.

Mike Geary from "The Truth About Abs" is going to provide an 11 minute workout. For those of you who are strapped for time, this workout is for you.

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