Building Muscle 101 Newsletter #3

Newsletter May 2006

It's Blake from building muscle 101. Today, I'm going to provide you with some very valuable tips about getting strong and building muscle. Tips which I'm sure you'll find very useful in your weight training program.


1. Dumbbells only! A fantastic dumbbell workout routine;

2. Biceps training - Add more intensity;

3. Home made protein smoothies;


Dumbbells only! A fantastic dumbbell workout routine

Are dumbbells the staple of your home gym? Are you simply too busy to go to your local gym? Maybe your town doesn’t have a gym?

Well, I’ve got some great news for you. I’ve decided to give you a fantastic dumbbell routine complete with descriptions and illustrations.

The routine is power packed with core, dumbbell movements designed with one thing in mind - To get you strong! All you have to do is print off the routine and post the illustrations on your wall.

Of course, you will have to put in the necessary time and effort but I’m sure you will be absolutely thrilled with the routine.

Click the following link to get the dumbbell workout routine.

Dumbbell workout routine

Biceps training - Add more intensity

In all my years of training, I’ve not once seen a person in the gym applying this technique to their biceps training. The only people I’ve actually heard applying this technique were certain pro body builders.

Actually, this is only a very minor change in the way you do your alternate dumbbell curls.

However, this tip can really help boost the contraction motion of your biceps. This small change in how you do the alternate dumbbell curl can make a HUGE difference for the effectiveness of this exercise.

What it does is it adds a little more contraction at the peak of the exercise. Instead of just curling the weight up and down, your going to add a little more contraction at the very peak of the movement.

To really find out more about this neat little tip, click the following link:

Dumbbell curl tip

Home made protein smoothies

Are you tired of drinking the same protein shake day in and day out? Well, after a few requests from readers for some tasty protein smoothies, I’ve decided to put together a list of fruit smoothies that you can easily make into great tasting protein smoothies.

I decided to add a page that tells you how to make a great tasting smoothie along with some fantastic recipes that I know your going to love.

Click the following link for these great tasting smoothies:

Smoothie Recipes

Well that’s it for this issue. Stay tuned for this issue when I tell you the real secrets to building huge, muscular arms (among other tips).

All the best,


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