Building Muscle 101 Newsletter #23 - May Part 2 2008 - Weight Training Programs And Tips


1. Simple Home Workout;

2. Workout Without Weights;

3. The Difference Between Strength And Power;

4. Weight Train With Or Without A Partner;

5. Good Workout Music - Can It Make A Difference?


Simple Home Workout

Sometimes, going to the gym is just not feasible. Really, we have families, jobs, and other situations that might prevents us from going to a gym. However, you can get the same results at your own home. I'm going to outline to you a workout that will produce results. I've been using this type of workout for sometime now and it works.

Simple Home Workout


Workout Without Weights

Is It Possible To Build Power And Strength Without Using Weights?

I recieved an email the other day from a reader of building muscle 101 and he wanted to know what he could do for a workout because he's on the road so much. He wants to build strength and muscle mass. This got me thinking. The debate between working out with weights and without weights has been going of for decades. Let's take a closer look in this article.

You’ll also find a workout that doesn’t use any weights.

Workout Without Weights


The Difference Between Strength And Power

Is there a difference? I always thought the two were pretty much the same. Anyways, let's take a closer look at strength and power and how you can use this to your advantage in your weight training program.

Difference Between Strength And Power


Weight Train With Or Without A Partner

What's better? To tell you the truth, it's all about preference. One of my old training buddies wouldn't workout if he didn't have a partner and another wouldn't want to partner up with anybody, no matter what. What's better? Find out in this article.

Weight Train With Or Without A Workout Partner


Good Workout Music - Can It Make A Difference?

Can good workout music make a difference in your weigh training program? Does it make a difference about the kinds of music you listen to? Find out here.

Good Workout Music

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