Building Muscle 101 Newsletter #12 - May 2007 Issue


1. Circuit training program to burn fat and build muscle;
2. How often should I change my exercise routine?;
3. Abdominal workout routine;
4. Universal Animal Pak review;
5. Fast or slow reps to build muscle? Which is best;


First off, let me apologize to all of you who haven't received a response for your emails. I appreciate all of your questions but I simply have too many questions to respond to so if I haven't responded to your emails and questions, please accept my apologizes.

Now, let's get on with this months tips and techniques.


1. Circuit Training Program To Burn Fat And Build Muscle

Circuit training is a great way to get into top shape and burn maximum amounts of fat. Also, circuits are a great way to build muscle mass. If your looking for a program that builds muscle and burns fat, you might want to check out circuit training.

Cicuit Training Program To Burn Fat And Build Muscle


2. How Often Should I Change My Exercise Routine

How do you know when it's time to change your exercise routine? When should you change your exercise routine for best results? Is it better to keep your routine changing or keeping it the same? Find out what my experience has taught me with regards to changing up my workout routine.

Find out more here:

How Often Should I Change My Exercise Routine


3. Abdominal Workout Routine

Here's a quick and dirty ab routine for you. It's pretty simple but it is very effective. This routine will help those of you who want to train abs but don't know what to do.

Find out how you can get those ripped abs with this abdominal workout routine.

Abdominal Workout Routine


4. Universal Animal Pak Review

For this months, supplement review, I decided to review a vitamin/mineral pack that has been around for quite some time. In fact, I remember this one coming out way back in the early '90's. Find out what I think of Universal's Animal Pak at:

Universal Animal Pak Review


5. Fast Or Slow Reps To Build Muscle? Which Is Best

Lifting tempo is the technical term for how fast (or slow) you lift and lower the weights during a rep. Lifting tempo has a couple of other aliases, lifting speed and rep speed to name two. A rose by any other name as they say, because whatever you want to call it, lifting tempo has a huge impact on your training success.

Find out what the best lifting tempo is here:

Fast Or Slow Reps To Build Muscle? Which Is Best


All the best,


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