Building Muscle 101 Newsletter #26 - July Part 2 2008 - Weight Training Programs And Tips

It's Blake from building muscle 101. Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who sent in their ideas for possible topics for future newsletters. I got a whole whack of topics and I'm gonna do my best to get all of these ideas down on paper and get them out to you shortly.


1. Cardio Exercise And Weight Loss;

2. Build Muscle At Home;

3. Workout Tip To Really Boost Your Workout Energy;

4. What Is The Best Pre Workout Supplement;

5. Meal Timing For Non Workout And Workout Days;


Cardio Exercise And Weight Loss

Which do you choose, high intensity or moderate intensity cardio? Which one is best for losing fat and weight?

Arguments on both sides are numerous but let’s separate facts from fiction. What difference does intensity make in using carbohydrates or fat as fuel when you train? Find out which type of cardio is best for losing body fat.

Cardio Exercise And Weight Loss


Build Muscle At Home

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been training at home. I know there a lot of people out there who wonder if it’s possible to build hard, lean muscle mass while training at home.

Is it really possible to build 19 inch arms, or 50 inch chests training from your basement? Find out here how you can do it.

Build Muscle At Home


Workout Tip To Really Boost Your Workout Energy

If your serious about your weight training, you want each and every one of your workouts to be intense. Intensity is key to getting stronger and improving. I'd like to pass on a tip that will help you get ready to hit the weights hard and heavy.

This workout tip is very simple to do and can help you boost your workouts if you’ve been feeling a little tired or lazy in the gym.

Find out more in this article.

Gym Workout Tip


The Best Pre Workout Supplements

Which pre workout supplement should you be using in order to get the most from your workouts? I've tried a bunch of em' out and I'd like to pass onto you what I think are the best pre workout supplements.

Find out more in this article.

Best Pre Workout Supplement


Meal Timing For Non Workout And Workout Days

Here's a question I recieved the other day:

Question: Timing of meals if you do a split routine during the same day. How does that affect Pre-workout and post workout meals?

Meal timing is very important when it comes to workout and non workout days. I can see why a lot of people would be confused when it comes to this topic. Do you keep all your calories consistent? Do you eat more on workout days? When to you eat when it comes to your workout days?

Find out in this article.

Pre Workout Post Workout Meal Information

All the best,


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