Building Muscle 101 Newsletter #13 - July 2007 Issue


1. Homemade supplement secrets review;
2. Muscle Tech Anator P-70 review;
3. How to build large muscular calves;
4. Tasty orange creamsicle protein drink recipe;


1. Homemade Supplement Secrets Review

Let me ask you a couple of question, are you currently using supplements? Or are you thinking about using supplements?

If you answered yes to one of these two questions, than you have to read my review on Jeff Anderson's new ebook entitled "Homemade Supplement Secrets". If your anything like me, you're pretty commited to training and always on the lookout for a supplement that will help you get stronger, faster, and more muscular. However, it's because of this commitment that we've become blinded to the supplement industries marketing tactics.

In his new ebook, Jeff Anderson takes a close look at the current supplement industry and the marketing practices of the top companies. He also provides over 120 pages of content on how to make your very own supplements with "knock off" formulas of today's top products. Want to make your very own Leukic for under $10 a month? How about Gakic for under $15 per month?

Do yourself a favour and read this review for an eye opening look at today's supplement indursty.

Homemade Supplement Secrets Review


2. Muscle Tech Anator P-70 Review

If you take a quick look at any of the popular fitness and muscle magazines, chances are, your going to see a bunch of ads for this particular supplement.

Anator P-70 ads have been plastered all over fitness and muscle magazines.

Does the Anator P-70 actually work? I've been testing this supplement out for over 3 months now. Find out in this article if this supplement actually does what it claims to do.

Muscle Tech Anator P-70 Review


3. How To Build Large Muscular Calves

Do you find yourself always wearing long pants because your ashamed of your stick like calves? Do your calves resemble toothpicks? Well, I got some good news for you. Your calves can grow and with the right help, they will grow.

Find out here how you can build large muscular calves:

How To Build Large Muscular Calves


4. Tasty Orange Creamsicle Protein Drink Recipe

Get this simple, yet great tasting recipe here:

Tasty Orange Creamsicle Protein Drink Recipe


All the best,


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