Building Muscle 101 Newsletter #9 - February 2007 Issue


1. Free video series;

2.Would you like these tips twice per month? What do you want
to hear about?;

3. Supplements to effectively increase size;

4. Do these things and you'll add size no matter what!

5. What you need for a home workout gym;

6. The giant set for giant growth!

7. 3 steps to bigger biceps anyone can follow;


Would You Like These Tips Twice Per Month? What Do You Want To Hear About?

I’m considering when I should be writing to the readers of building muscle 101. At first, I felt that once every couple of months was fine. After hearing some requests for every month, I decided that once per month was fine. Now, I’m thinking every two weeks.

I’m going to let the readers decide when they want to hear from building muscle 101. Is once per month fine or would you rather hear from building muscle 101 on a bi weekly basis. Please let me know.


Supplements To Effectively Increase Size

It's tough to know which supplements you should be taking in order to help you grow. Should you take protein poweders or weight gain powdes? Maybe some creatine or maybe glutamine? I’ve decided to help clear up the confusion and list the supplements that I use to really pack on the muscle mass. I’ve tried each of these supplements over a 12 week period so I know, without a doubt that if they are used in conjunction with a well laid out meal plan and weight training routine, they will work wonders for you.

Click the following link to find out more:

Supplements To Effectively Increase Size


Do These Things And You'll Add Size No Matter What!

Want to know the real secret to building muscle mass and super strength? Well, there is no secret, that's the secret. It all boils down to a couple of important elements.

If you can manage to get the following elements into your plan, your gonna get big!

How To Add Muscle Mass


What You Need For A Home Workout Gym

I've been working out from home for over a year now and the results have been great. Some of you may want to start working out from home because you simply don't enjoy going to the gym. That's fine.

Whatever your reasons, you can certainly get the same results with a simple home gym of your own.

Find out more here:

What You Need For A Home Gym Workout


The Giant Set For Giant Growth!

Are you looking for something serious in your training routine? I mean very serious? If you’re looking for a unique training angle that will take your body to the absolute maximum, you have to look at this article.

In this month’s specialty workout, I’d like to introduce you to an advanced training technique that will blast you past any training plateau and take your training to another level.

Click on the following link for more information

The Giant Set


3 Steps To Bigger Biceps Anyone Can Follow

Jeff Anderson of Optimum Anabolics has put together a fantastic video about building huge biceps. I really enjoyed this video because it pretty much sums up everything you need to know about building huge arms.

Sorry* No longer available.


Well that's it for this issue. Stay tuned for next month’s issue because I got a lot more routines and tips for you to follow.

All the best,


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