Building Muscle 101 Newsletter # 29 December 2008

It's Blake from building muscle 101. I have some cool tips and information for you in this month's issue. The response for the question and answer section has been overwhelming. This month, I believe I have about 14 answers for some of the questions.

Unfortunately, I can't get to all the questions but I will try and answer them in next months issue. If you have any questions, please go to the question and answer page and simply scroll to the bottom of the page.

I'm taking a break from my weight training because I have the flu. It really sucks because my training was going great. Anyways, I thought it would be important to talk about weight training when you have a cold or the flu so I've written quickly about it. Also, my buddy, Pete Sisco, has given me some great articles about strength training and building muscle. I'm sure your going to love them.

Enjoy this month's issue.


1.Can you weight train with a cold?;

2. Do you need to train to failure to build muscle?;

3. Holiday weight training tip;

4. Questions and answers;


Can you weight train with a cold?

This sucks. I'm just peaking in my weight training cycle and I get struck down with the flu. Instead of being at the gym pounding away at the weights, I'm stuck on the couch watching the 4th season of"Lost" (hate that show because it never really ends!). Find out what I've learned from trying to weight train while you have a cold or the flu.

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Do you need to train to failure to build muscle?

I've been weight training for over 20 years and if there is one thing that has been pounded into my head is that in order to get big and strong, you need to train to failure. However, after a series of injuries, I've come to realize that my body can only take so much. Is there another way to get big and strong? Does one need to train to muscular failure in order to build muscle and strength?

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Holiday weight training tip

The holiday season is a different time of the year for weight training. I mean, everything seems to be so busy and if your anything like me, everything kind of goes out the window including my diet and training. However, I do like to do something very different at this time of the year. I'll break away from my regular routine and just do something against the grain. Check it out in this article.

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Questions and answers

Keep the questions coming! Remember, this month's questions are located under "Questions for December 2008". Here are this months questions:

- How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle Mass;
- Ab Training And Building Muscle Mass;
- Tens Pain Relief Machine;
- More Defined Biceps;
- Sample Ab And Leg Workouts;
- Nerve Feed Back And Shrugs;
- Which Whey Protein Is Best?;
- Is This The Right Weight For My Height?
- Circuit Training Or A Full Body Split?
- Best Rep Ranges?
- Weight Training Program Evaluation;
- My Arms Shake When I Bench Press!
- Can Too Much Protein Give Me Gout?
- Is One Month Too Long A Rest Period?

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Well that's it for this issue. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays and remember, look at the holiday meals as a way to add more muscle mass, that way you don't feel so guilty!

All the best,


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