Building Muscle 101 Newsletter #21 - April 2008 - Weight Training Programs And Tips

It's Blake from building muscle 101. Today I've got some pretty cool tips that will greatly help with your weight training program. This month's newsletter is kind of long but it's loaded with some great information. I guess you can call this month's copy the “chest and biceps issue”.

I'm sure you're gonna love this months issue.


1. How To Build A Big Powerful Chest;

2. What Is The Best Chest Exercise?;

3. Upper Chest Exercises;

4. How To Lose Stubborn Chest Fat;

5. How To Build Big Biceps;

6. A Slight Twist On The Barbell Curl;


How To Build A Big Powerful Chest

For those of you who have small, puny chest, you have to read this article. I'm going to outline to you, exactly what you need to be doing to build armour plated muscle on your chest.

Find out more here:

How To Build Big Chest Muscles


If I Was Stuck On A Deserted Island...

Let's see, if I was stuck on a desert island and allowed to do only one chest exercise, what would it be? Hmmm, that's a tough one. Find out what I think the best chest exercise is.

Best Chest Exercise

Some Of My Favourite Exercises For The Upper Chest

The upper chest can be a hard muscle group to develop. However, I believe that we shouldn't neglect our upper chests because we don't want to have that "droopy" muscle chest happening. So, I've put together a small list of some of my favourite chest exercises for exercising the upper chest.

Here are a few of my more favourite upper chest exercises.

Upper Chest Exercises


How You Can Build Jaw Dropping Biceps

Today, I'm going to go over some principles that will help you get a pair of big arms. If you can follow these principles and apply them on a consistent basis, you will be well on your way to building a big set of pipes. . Take a look here.

Biceps Training

A Slight Twist On The Barbell Curl

Sometimes, it takes just a little adjustment to an exercise to almost double its' effectiveness. Today, I'm going to do just that.

Here’s a tip that you can use to improve the effectiveness of the barbell curl.

Check it out here:

Barbell Curl Tip

Well, that's it for this issue. Stay tuned for more exciting news and articles in next month's issue.

All the best,


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