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If you want to build muscle, help guides online, such as building muscle 101's “Get Big” program can be a great asset.

Whether your goal is to get into shape, build muscle, lose fat, or improve your general fitness level, the process of reaching those goals is very structured. That is, you have to be willing to learn in order to understand how to reach those goals, whether it be losing 20 pounds of fat or building 18 inch arms. If you want to get into top shape, lose 30 pounds of fat, and build hard, toned muscle mass, simply showing up to the gym is not enough.

Of course, it's a good start but it's going to be a futile effort without the proper direction and guidance. I'll tell you this. If you're reasons are strong enough, you'll apply yourself in the kitchen, in related books and other information, and of course, the gym. The main point here is the process of learning is the real secret to success from sources that have been tried and tested and work.

When I first started training, I was using all the wrong information and books. I used to look at all the muscle building books and follow the top routines of pro body builders. I vividly remember trying to follow the Arnold routines that were meant for seasoned, drugged up body builders. Doing 20 to 25 sets per body part was simply crazy and way too much for my body to handle. In the end, I lost weight and injured myself.

After some guidance and using sound sources of information (And the willingness to learn!), I applied other techniques that were meant for every day, working weight trainers. I soon learned that as long as I was willing to learn, and ready to apply those techniques, my body would grow strong. I learned as much as I could about nutrition as I did for weight training techniques.

Now, let me give you a very recent example (I mean recent - I just finished). Over the last couple of days, my toilet has been acting up. It needed some work and I wanted to do it myself. Now, I'm no handyman by any stretch of the imagination and I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to plumbing, I don't know a darned thing. However, I really wanted to fix this problem so I decided to give it a shot.

When I first started the project (which wasn't a big one), I had absolutely no clue what to do. All I knew was that I needed to fix this problem in order for my toilet to work properly.

So, I looked for the right information. I typed in my problem into the google search box and presto, I was presented with some returns about fixing my problem. I did some quick web page surfing and found a free guide to fixing my plumbing. I signed up and received a free guide on how to fix some basic plumbing problems.

Well, the advice was great and I followed the simple directions on how to fix my plumbing problem. In fact, I now know what an “Actuator” is and some other plumbing terms that I had no clue about before.

Anyways, the point I'm trying to get across is that my plumbing problem is a lot like getting into shape - It's a learning process. I learned how to fix a basic plumbing problem and can now apply that knowledge to fix other plumbing related problems. If you can understand the basic process of building muscle, you can use this knowledge to get into shape, anytime you want. Once you have the proper knowledge, there is no limit to how big or strong you want to get.

Believe me, once you understand the process of building muscle, you're body will grow overnight.

Which brings me to my guide, “Get Big”. This is a 90 page program which will guide you through a 15 week weight training “boot camp”. It's all based on my personal experience with weight training and designed to help you gain strength and muscle. It's a free guide that will help you understand the process of building muscle. Here's just what some of the past user's have said about the guide.


Hi Blake! I hope everything is OK with you. Thanks a lot for the program. I was able to download the program in .pdf Format. Wow! I'm impressed... Not because my body changed overnight, but becouse the tips, suggestions, routines and nutrition opinions that you wrote in your guide have helped me to understand when to eat, how to train smarter and mostly... to calculate the amount of protein and carbohydrates that I need after excercise. I now know how to buy the best supplement according to my needs. Thank you very much and I'm delighted to recieve any other tips that you can send me.


Hello Blake,

I would just like to say thank you very much for your free e-book! It has helped me very much to gain muscle and strength that I never thought I could achieve. By sticking to your plan, I started seeing results within just a few weeks! Thank you again and continue to do great work.




Hi, I'm Jordan. I just wanted to thank you for your program and advice. I was 5'4' 116 pounds and after just 11 weeks I'm 132 pounds. My squat jumped up from 185 to 235 as well.

Thank you.


I'm not asking for a dime for this guide. There's no catches or hitches, and the best thing about it, you will get weekly emails from me that will provide you with proven information that you can apply to your body and get results almost immediately.

Here's what you can expect:

• How to boost your bench press by 30%;
• Apply this one technique and you'll boost gains by 40%
• Supplements that add monster size and how to use them
• Building huge, ripped arms
• Building monster size calves
• Muscle building recipes
• How to build a huge, V taper back

And much, much more.

I'll also be sending you my bi-weekly newsletter. Now, this newsletter is not your b**t newsletter that tries to sell you something. You get genuine information that I personally know will help you achieve your muscle building goals. Here's a sample of my past newletters:

• When to take whey protein for the absolute best results!
• To cheat or not to cheat? Is it ok to cheat on you form and technique?
• How to get past a bench press plateau and add 30 pounds;
• How to set up a home gym workout;
• How to build a big, wide back;
• Mind blowing biceps pump! Try this little technique out;
• Unlock your body's true muscle building potential!
• 5 Day lean body mass plan
• 5 x 5 Training system - A true mass building routine
• Staying focussed while training;
• Supplements to effectively increase size;
• Do these things and you'll add size no matter what!
• The giant set for giant growth!
• 3 steps to bigger biceps anyone can follow;
• What's better, a full body workout or a split routine?;
• Do you consume the same amount of protein on days you do not work out?;
• When is the best time to do cardio?

Plus a lot more. Sign up today and get your online, muscle building guide for free. Your email is totally secure because I hate all spam with a passion. You won't receive one single spam email from me - That's a promise.

Included in this 90 page free E-Book are complete meal plans, tips on gaining strength and size, supplement schedules and complete workouts with illustrations and descriptions designed to add strength and power. You also get a full 15 week training program! (A $49.95 value!) Simply fill out the following information and you'll have instant access.

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