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bsn no xplode

There are a total of 9 reviews for BSN's NO Xplode.

Review # 1

- Review submitted by Clint

The product is called NO-XPLODE by BSN. I paid around 40 Dollars for a 2.25 LB container.

The thing I like the most about this product was that it gave me more motivation than I have ever had after coming off a long break.

It raised my bench max by 30 pounds after coming back after a three month break. If I had to rate this supplement out of 5, I'd give it a 5

Review # 2

- Review submitted by Benjamin

This product is called NO Explode by BSN. I got it for around $40.

It has increased my weight lifting in every aspect, and an excellent pump. I would recommend it to everyone, just make sure that you drink enough water with it.

It has worked wonders for me. I give this product a 5 out of 5

Review # 3

- Review submitted byTom

I paid about $45 for No Xplode by BSN

I liked the energy rush.  The most noticible effect was increased concentration in the gym.  I just wanted to keep going, and  had to stop myself from overtraining. 

Moderate strength gains. Maybe add 1 or 2 repetition increase. Doesn't taste half bad either.  The negatives:  Had a stomach ache and gas the first 2 days on it, but that went away quickly. 

Also a little expensive, and I seem to want to up the dose, so there might be a high potential for addiction, probably from the caffeine.

A good product for serious training, but does not replace hard work and effort.  Start with one scoop to assess your tolerance.

Out of a possible 5, I give this supplement a 4

Review # 4

- Review submitted by Dan

BSN N.O.Explode Berry. I paid $75 (with a bottle of Cellmass).

This product gave me incredible focus and energy levels during my workout. Pumps were average, but I am just starting out. I work out first thing in the morning and take 3 scoops right out of bed. its a little rough on the empty stomach but absorption is rapid and I am ready to bust open the gym doors If get there before they open.

This stuff is pricey but I got lucky and it was onsale at GNC, so with my gold membership it only cost $75 for the NO Explode and the Cellmass.

I give this supplement a 4 out of a possible 5.

Review # 5

- Review submitted by Anthony

I paid about $64.99 for a 1.8 lb tub.

This is an amazing product. Before I started taking this supplement, my workouts weren't as intense. I was always tired and didn't have enough energy to go to the gym.

When I first started to take it, I noticed and felt it's effects about 15 minutes of drinking it! It gives you a boost and it felt like I could have workout out for hours!! It makes your muscles feel hard and pumped, you know the feeling you get after a hard set of chest or arms. Even after your done in the gym you still get that feelin' for a few more hours. It also doesn't make you feel bloated or retain water, like some other creatine products.

I recommend taking this if your stuck in your workouts or need that extra boost!!!It's amazing!!

I rate this a 5+. The best creatine supplement I have tried so far!!!

Review # 6

- Review submitted by Dain

NO Explode by BSN. It is a pre-workout supplement that contains come creatine ethyl-ester, L-Arginine, caffeine, and some other ingredients.

I paid $27.50.

The product was great for the first three weeks.  You could really feel the extra energy in the gym.  By the end of week four, you really have to up the dose to get the same effects. 

After five weeks on, I would definitely cycle off of it for at least two weeks, three would be better.  Some people experience stomach aches and diahrea.  For those people, I would recommend taking a smaller dose.

Another quality product from BSN.  I think they make a lot of good products and NO Explode is definitely at the top of the list.

I give it a 4 because it is a pretty good value.

Review # 7

- Review sumbitted by Alex

I paid about $30 for this supplement.

NO Xplode gives your body what it needs  to get focused (mentally and physically) before a workout.  Sometimes, it can be hard going down, but it gives me energy and focus, which I need since I workout in the afternoon. I can also tell a difference during the workout, my veins bulge out and I can go harder and longer. I've been using it for about 3 months and I won't train without it. Best flavors in my opinion are fruit punch and orange. And their sugar/aspartme free! Good job BSN.

Great for a pre-workout boost. Out of a possible 5, I give this supplement a 4

Review # 8

- Review submitted by gym rat, Kevin.

I paid about $45.00 for this supplement. Definite Energy and pump.  However you have to take it on an empty stomach which is tough for us early morning gym rats.

Caution: This product will give you some bad diarrhea.

I give this product a 4 out of a possible 5.

Review # 9

- Review submitted by Mike

$ 40.00 for NO2 Explode by BSN.

I liked the energy and big pumps the product gave me. This product is one that always works for me.  I do believe you must cycle this product like all others. 

Use this product when you want to look extra big for events or gatherings.  Be the talk of the crowd.  Take this about 30 minutes before the workout and once on non-training days.  Two serving a day if over 200Lbs.  Always make sure you are healthy enough to handle the kick you get with products of this nature.  Don't use it too close to bedtime.

I give this product a 5 out of 5

Total average user rating for BSN NO Xplode: 4.45 out of 5

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