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bsn cellmass

Review # 1

- Review submitted by Chris

The product is called cell mass by BSN. I paid approximately $ 35.00 USD for a 1.75 LB container.

While taking this supplement, I increased the big three, which is the bench press, the deadlift and the squat. I also felt like I could workout for 4 to 5 hours with no problem. By the way my bench went from 335 1 rep max to 385 in 2 cycles.

Dollar for dollar, I feel this product provided the the biggest bang. Out of a possible 5, I give this product a 5

Review # 2

- Review submitted by Dean

The supplement for this review is called BSN cellmass.  I paid about $35 for a 1.75 LB container.

The flavor is pretty sour and I don't particularly like the sour flavor (I got the arctic berry) they offer other flavors.  As soon as I switched from celltech to this I began noticing better muscle definition and rapid gains.

Good product, order it off the internet by googling discount creatine supplements or something like that, otherwise it's like 60 bucks. Out of 5, I rate this supplement at about a 4.5.

Average user rating: 4.75 out of 5

*Editors Note*

BSN Cell Mass can be classified as a "third generation" creatine formula since it goes beyond simple creatine monohydrate and simple sugar formulas. The formula contains a hybrid of ingredients that include other creatine salts such as creatine ethyl ester (Which is supposed to have better uptake than plain creatine monohydrate).

Instead of using simple sugars such as dextrose, Cell Mass uses maltodextrin (form of simple sugar), and cinnulin. Cinnulin is basically a cinnamon extract by product. It is thought to mimick the properties of insulin which acts as the main transport system for the creatine. Does Cinnulin act as an insulin mimicking agent?

According to two studies, Cinnulin does in fact, act as a signaling agent to glucose metabolism. In one study, (Jarvill-Taylor, Anderson, Graves, et al 2001), it was found that Cinnulin actaully increased glucose metablism by as much as 20 fold! (Non human trials only). Another study by Anderson, Broadhurst, Polansky, Schmidt, Khan, Flanagan, Schoene, Graves, et al 2004, confirmed that Cunnilin polymers acted as insulin mimickers in animals. In humans, Cinnulin polymers enhance glucose transport by mimicking insulin like properties.

According to the reviews I've looked at, all were very positive of BSN's Cell Mass. Could it be that Cinnulin actually outperforms simple dextrose and other sugars as an insulin mimicking agent? The results look promising.

The cost for a 1.75 LB container is about $35.00 USD. According to the label, each 16 gram serving contains:

• 30 calories
• 7 grams of carbohydrates - Maltodextrin
• 0 grams of protein
• 4.25 grams of creatine (Mixture of salts)
• 2 grams of glutamine
• 925 grams of Cinnulin

Each serving will cost you about $.70 USD. There are about 50 servings in each container. In terms of cost effectiveness, this is a pretty good buy considering the potential results from Cell Mass.


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