Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbell

Finally! A totally adjustable dumbbell that's both easy to use and safe. Presenting the bowflex select tech dumbbell system.

If you've been on the exercise scene for any length of time, I'm sure you've heard of the new adjustable dumbbells called select tech. These innovative dumbbells have taken the fitness industry by storm.

What is a bowflex select tech dumbbell?

Basically, the selecttech dumbbell is a one size fits all dumbbell (up to 52.5 pounds). It allows the user to change the weight of the dumbbell without actually changing the dumbbell itself. Take a look at the image below:

The bowflex selecttech dumbbell is a very interesting take on the construction of the dumbbell. I say it's about time someone come up with a solution to the limits of the traditional dumbbell system.

I know from experience that if you work out from home, there are some major problems facing all weight trainers when it comes to the traditional type dumbbell.

First off, I used to hate the manual locking mechanisms on the adjustable dumbells. Let's say, I wanted to superset dumbbell bench presses with dumbbell flyes.

Once I finished doing a set of dumbbell bench presses, I had to put the dumbbells down, take a pair of plyers and take off the tightening mechanism on each pair of dumbbells and take the weight off and then, put the locking mechanism back on.

If I was really fast, I could probably do it in 3 to 5 minutes. Of course, the purpose of the exercise has been lost and my whole set was thrown off.

Secondly, I used to hate when the plates came off the dumbbell when you were exercising. I was more concerned with the plates landing on my head rather than on the exercise!

Thridly, I had plates everywhere. It can get pretty clutered - Very quickly if you have 20 or more plates strewn everywhere. If you're like most home trainers, you don't have a full size gym and space is very valuable. You won't have this problem with the bowflex selecttech dumbbell system.

Fourthly, who has the space and the money to buy 15 sets of dumbbells?

Yes, the bowflex selecttech dumbbell overcomes alot of the problems assoicated with the traditional dumbbell and I must say, I like it. Let's find out how it works:

Basically, the bowflex selecttech dumbbell is a large dumbbell with varying weight plates attached to it. The dumbbell itself is stationed in on a resting pad and anytime you want to use the dumbbell, you basically adjust the dial and lift the dumbbell.

For example, let's say you wanted to lift 20 pounds for a set of curls. You simply walk over and set the dial to 20 and lift. It's quick and easy.

What if you needed 50 pounds for a set of dumbbell bench press? Move the dials to 50 and lift. You simply change the resistance with one turn and your ready to go.

All you have to do is rotate the dials to the weight you want – and bam! SelectTech tumblers automatically fasten to the weight you want to lift.

Check it out:

First: Set the dial and the weight you want to use -

Second: Simply lift the dumbbell and perform the exercise -

And get on with your workout to get the results you want!

The design of the bowflex selectech dumbbell allows you to shrink 30 separate dumbbells down to only 2! That saves you a ton of space – not to mention a whole lot of money.

Let's look at the benefits of the bowflex selecttech dumbbell:

Very Convenient

-No need to fiddle around with changing plates;

-Saves time in order for you to get on with your workout;

-You can complete the workout faster to get on with your day.

Saves Money

-No need to buy a whole set of dumbbells;

-Bowflex selecttech dumbbell goes for about $350 for weight increments between 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds. A set of pro-style dumbbells for the same weight will cost you over $650;


-Alot safer than traditional manual locking dummbells;

-Manually locking dumbbells run the risk of falling off - It's happened to me.

-Ensure safety while your working out;

-Have a better workout to get the results you want.

Space saving

-Condenses about 20 separate dumbbells into 2;

-With a full set of dumbbells, it takes up a lot of space and it can get very untidy;

-No need to have dummbells lying all over;

-One set of dumbbells and that's it;

-No tripping over dumbbells.

Easy to change weight

-Simply select the weight;

-No need to manually change the locking mechanism;

-All automated with no safety issues;

-No need to stop your workout to change the weight;

-Keep up the intensity of the workout;

-Get the results you want

They look great!

-The bowflex selectech dumbbell looks absolutely fantastic;

-The dumbbell will fit nicely with other gym equipment and fitness equipment.

Take a look at the set up with the bowflex selecttech dumbbell, stand and bench. I must say, a nice looking combination.


I think the asking price of $229.99 is worth it for the bowflex selectech dumbbell. It may seem a little pricey for a pair of dumbbells but when you think about the convenience and price compared to a full set of dumbbells, your getting a great deal.

There are just too many benefits as compared to adjustable or traditional fixed dumbbells.

You also get a full dumbbell training course with any purchase of the bowflex selecttech dumbbell system.

All the best,


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