Here's What I Think Of the Bowflex Sytem...My Personal Review

When I first heard of the Bowflex system, I was never really that interested in the machine because at the time, I was a hard core trainer at my local gym and never really had any use for it.

I never really gave the Bowflex system a good hard look because it all sounded kind of funny to me. C'mon, arms and rods for weight resistance?

At the time, I really had my misgivings about the Bowflex system.

You see, using plastic rods for resistance sounded really weird to me.

I was used to lifting heavy dumbbells and barbells and to me, this was all the resistance I needed. I simply couldn't imagine using pulleys and rods to build my body and I tossed that idea out the door.

However, about a year later, a friend of mine purchased the Bowflex system and he was going on and on about how great it was. He invited me over to check it out. When I arrived, I looked at it and started to joke about how this machine wouldn't build anything but Bowflex's bank account. I mean really...rods and plastic arms to do a workout? No chance!

So, my buddy challenged me to a small workout which I happily agreed to. I remember thinking that this was going to be a snap, I'm not even going to break a sweat.

Well, what can I say, the workout was pretty good. The funny thing was is that it didn't really feel like a workout at all because it all felt so different. Don't get me wrong, it was a hard workout but it just felt different. For example, when I first started to do the bench press, I couldn't do what I normally did at the gym. When I was doing the bench press at the gym, I would load up the bar and slowly lower the weight to my chest which at that point, I would explode upward in one hard motion.

Not so with the Bowflex. When I pushed up, it felt like each arm was independently battling with the system to balance and support the weight. However, it was all balanced by the smooth action but it felt like each arm had to work really, really hard to get the weight up. This wasn't at all like the free weights I was used to. With free weights, you get little break while your moving the weight up and down but with the Bowflex system, there was no breaks at all because there was constant resistance on your arms, chest and shoulders.

I couldn't handle anywhere near the weight I was used to at the gym because the resistance system made my target muscles work extra hard. There was no chance of bouncing, tilting or cheating with the Bowflex system. You can get away with that stuff using free weights but even if you wanted to, you can't cheat with the resistance system on the Bowflex.

I've heard that the repetition actually gets harder when you do it on the Bowflex system. I believe it because that's exactly what happens. When you first start the motion of an exercise, it seems easy enough, but the second part of the motion becomes really difficult (Of course, it depends on the resistance levels), and the completion of the rep becomes harder and harder. That's probably why I couldn't handle as much weight as I was used to at the gym.

I'd also like to point out that one of Bowflex's selling points is that the system is easy on the joints, tendons and other connective tissues as compared to free weights. I can really see why this system would be easy on the joints. You see, with free weights, it is very easy to start jerking and bouncing the weights in order to get the weight up.

Depending on how heavy you go (And the exercise you choose), this can have devastating effects on your joints and ligaments. I'm speaking from direct experience here. However, with the Bowflex system, it all but eliminates the chance of cheating. The only work being done is by the muscles and not the tendons and ligaments that happens so many times with free weights.

I've tried cheating with the Bowflex system and I couldn't. I couldn't bounce or jerk the weight up. I've also heard from other users of the Bowflex system that they can do exercises that they can no longer do with free weights such as squats, and presses. I believe it because the system really targets the muscle being worked and not so much on the secondary muscles.

Personally, the number one reason I would buy the Bowflex system is that it works the muscles in a much more efficient way than actual free weight training does. I really believe that you get the best “all round” workout using the Bowflex system - Without compromising your connective tissues (ie: sore joints).

If you ask me, you can get a workout from the Bowflex system that's just as good, if not better, than a regular “free weight” workout. If your looking for a home gym system that:

• Provides a great workout;
• Works each muscle to it's maximum;
• Is easy on the joints, tendons, and ligaments;
• Takes out the cheating element involved in weight training;
• Provides smooth, full repetitions.

Then the Bowflex system is what your looking for. I've personally tried the Bowflex system and I can tell you with 100% confidence that this is something you will enjoy. Oh yeah, just in case your wondering, here is a list of exercises you can do with the Bowflex Ultimate Home Gym 2.

All the best,


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