Bowflex Ultimate 2 Exercises

The Bowflex Ultimate® 2 home gym allows you to perform over 95 gym-quality exercises including:

Chest Exercises

• Bench Press
• Chest Fly
• Decline Bench Press
• Incline Bench Press
• Resisted Punch
• Lying Cable Crossover
• Decline Chest Fly
• Standing Decline Chest Press – Shoulder Horizontal Adduction (and elbow extension)
• Standing Decline Chest Press w/Alternating motion– Shoulder Horizontal Adduction (and elbow extension)
• Standing Decline Chest Fly – Shoulder Horizontal Adduction (elbow stabilization)
• Shoulder Exercises
• Rear Deltoid Rows
• Lateral Shoulder Raise
• Seated Shoulder Press
• Front Shoulder Raise
• Shoulder Extension
• Shoulder Shrug
• Scapular Protraction
• Scapular Depression
• Lying Front Shoulder Raise
• Reverse Fly
• Seated Lateral Shoulder Raise
• Scapular Retraction
• Shoulder Rotator Cuff—External
• Shoulder Rotator Cuff—Internal
• Stiff Arm Pulldown
• Standing Shoulder Flexion – Shoulder Flexion
• Standing Rear Deltoid Row – Shoulder Horizontal Abduction (and elbow flexion)
• Standing Cable Cross Rear Deltoid Row – Shoulder Horizontal Abduction (and elbow flexion)
• Standing Shoulder Extension – Elbow Stabilization
• Standing Shoulder Internal Rotation with 90 degrees of Abduction
• Standing Shoulder External Rotation with 90 degrees of Abduction

Back Exercises

• Lying Lat Pulldowns
• Low Back Extension
• Wide Pulldowns
• Narrow Pulldowns with Hand Grips
• Seated Lat Rows
• Reverse Grip Pulldowns
• Standing Lat Row
• Wide Pulldowns with Grip
• Standing Lat Row Alternating Motion - Low Pulley – Shoulder extension (and elbow flexion)
• Standing Single Arm Lat Row Low Pulley – Shoulder extension (with elbow flexion and trunk rotation)
• Standing Low Back Extension
• Lying Shoulder Pullover

Arm Exercises

• Triceps Pushdown
• French Press
• Lying 45° Triceps Extension
• Cross Triceps Extension
• Standing Biceps Curl
• Seated Biceps Curl
• Preacher Curl
• Reverse Tricep Pushdown
• Standing Biceps Curl with Pulleys
• Tricep Kickback
• Lying Biceps Curl
• Seated Wrist Extension
• Standing Wrist Curl
• Reverse Curl
• Seated Wrist Curl
• Standing Wrist Extension
• “Rope” Pushdowns
• Resisted Dip
• Standing French Press – Elbow extension form a shoulder flexed position
• Standing Hammer Grip Curls – Elbow flexion neutral

Abdominal Exercises

• Reverse Crunch
• Resisted Reverse Crunch
• Seated (Resisted) Abdominal Crunch
• Seated (Resisted) Oblique Abdominal Crunch
• Ab Crunch with Attachment
• Trunk Rotation
• Standing Oblique Crunch

Leg Exercises

• Leg Extension
• Lying Leg Extension
• Squat with Squat Attachment
• Lunge
• Ankle Eversion
• Ankle Inversion
• Standing Hip Extension
• Standing Hip Abduction
• Seated Hip Adduction
• Seated Hip Abduction
• Standing Leg Kickback
• Seated Calf Press
• Dorsi Flexion
• Leg Press
• Standing Calf Press
• Standing Hip Flexion
• Wide Squat
• Prone (Lying Face Down) Leg Curls
• Standing Hip Flexion
• Standing Hip Internal Rotation
• Standing Hip External Rotation

No-Time-Limit Power Rod Warranty The Power Rod® units are so strong, you can flex them repeatedly but you can't wear them out. In fact, they're so strong they have a no-time-limit warranty. If you can wear them out, WE'LL REPLACE THEM FREE.

6 Weeks Fitness Results Guarantee

The Bowflex® home gym is a superior product and we stand behind it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.† Just purchase your machine and workout for up to six weeks. If you're not 100% satisfied with the results, simply contact our customer service department at (800) 269-3539 for Return Authorization. Then return it, including any accessories, in its original condition and packaging, and receive a full refund, less shipping and handling. Item must be received no later than 2 weeks after your return authorization is given.

12 Year Limited Warranty

Bowflex® machines are warranted to the original purchaser. Bowflex® home gyms limited warranties cover all defects in material or workmanship but do not cover commercial use or misuse by the consumer.

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