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I just finished reading Hugo Rivera's book called “Body Re-Engineering” and I have to say, I like his approach to training. I decided to buy Mr. Rivera's book because I purchased his previous, hard copy book called “The body Sculpting Bible For Men”, and really enjoyed it. Anyways, Body Re-Engineering is a little different from what I'm used to reading, in terms of weight training and body building and this book is not your standard, “Do 5 sets of 8 reps” kind of book.

What I mean is that Mr. Rivera has unleashed a principle that I strongly believe in. If you've been a reader of building muscle 101 for any length of time, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of cyclical training. If you can understand the process of cyclical training, you can add a tremendous amount of strength and muscle to your body while keeping training injuries to a minimum. I firmly believe that this is the key to consistent and rapid increases in strength and muscle growth.

Body Re-Engineering is a complete 21 week program that is broken down into 3 training cycles, that according to Mr. Rivera are “The Secrets To Continuous Gains”. They are:

1) Loading Phase;
2) Growth Phase; And
3) Active Recovery Stage.

The first phase is called the loading phase and uses a combination of compound, specific exercises and volume training to prime the body for optimal growth. This stage lasts for 3 weeks and is designed specifically for volume. Here, the use of super sets and compound movements, combined with short rest intervals forces a tremendous amount of blood into the muscles and really pumps them up.

The set and repetition structure uses a higher than normal volumes. For example, the exercises are generally between 2 and 4 for each body part, using 8 to 15 sets with a repetition range from 8 to 12, and using only a 30 second rest in between each set.

This phase basically primes the body for muscle growth and strength in the second phase, which is the Growth Phase.

The second phase is called the growth phase and uses a combination of compound specific exercises and heavy training. This phase is 3 weeks long and is designed for heavy training. Unlike the first phase, the body is not stressed with volume training but with heavier than normal weights. The set and repetitions structure is reduced from the first phase to allow more rest time in between sets.

For example, the exercises are generally between 1 and 2 exercises per body part, using 8 to 12 sets per body part with a repetition range from 5 to 7 and increasing the rest intervals to 3 to 4 minutes between sets.

This phase places a tremendous amount of stress on the body via heavy weights and compound movements. It is for this reason, this stage is only 3 weeks long.

The third phase is the active recovery stage. As the name suggests, this phase is to actively promote recovery. Since the body has taken a pretty good pounding from the two previous stages, it is essential to give the body time to recover, and grow. It is during this phase that the true muscle growth occurs.

Now, Mr. Rivera mostly uses dumbbells in this part of the cycle because he wants to correct any muscle imbalances that might have occurred during the first two cycles - Very smart! As Mr. Rivera states “This phase will act as a great time for the body to re-charge its energy stores and allow for complete physical and mental recuperation”.

This phase lasts for one week.

The real beauty of Mr. Rivera's program is the cycle. You will repeat the above noted cycle 3 times in the overall 21 week program. That is, with each passing cycle, you will become bigger and stronger. That is the magic of cyclical training and one that will promote, more so than any other program, much more muscle growth. You see, the whole program is very structured to ensure you get stronger and bigger with each passing stage, injury free!

In terms of guidance, everything is broken down. For example, let's say you start at the loading phase. Each exercises is explained and all instruction is detailed. You will get a schedule when to perform the routine, on what days, and what to do. All set and reps are explained so that even a complete beginner can understand the terms.

Now, you want to hear about the true muscle building magic of this program? It's the diet. Yes, Mr. Rivera has laid out a cyclical dietary regiment that, like the weight training program, will promote more muscle and strength gains than you've ever experienced.

Here is a direct quote from Mr. Rivera:

"Calorie cycling is the secret to preventing your body from adapting to the nutritional program you are following. This technique allows you to gain enormous amounts of muscle mass without getting fat and also allows you to lose body fat without slowing down your metabolism"

I have to agree with him. Mr. Rivera is very strategic with his diet and shows you exactly how to calculate your optimal nutritional intake and how to use this information to gain maximum amounts of muscle.

You also get a supplement schedule to go along with your diet. Of course, it's optional but Mr. Rivera lays out a supplement plan and how to use each of the recommended supplements.

Overall, I like the approach that Mr. Rivera follows. I'm a huge believer in cyclical training and one that I firmly believe that will produce the best results, in the quickest manner possible.

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