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To get the most from your fitness routine, you always need to know if your on track. That is, you need to know how much progress your making with your routine.

This is especially true if your on a weight loss - fat burning routine. The tools that are needed are usually a weight scale, tape measurement, and body fat calipers.

Body fat calipers are especially important because only with body fat calipers can you find out if you are losing body fat - Which is the true measurement of fat loss.

There are a more than few ways to calculate your body fat. However, most require the use of some sort of body fat measuring device such as body fat calipers. The use of such fat measuring instruments are pretty accurate but sometimes we just don't have access to these kinds of tools.

With that in mind, I'd like to present you a body fat calculation method based on Dr. Fred Hatfield's formula. Mind you, it's not 100% accurate but it will provide you a rough estimate of your body fat percentage.

Here's the body fat calc:

To use the formula, you'll need:

• Your current body weight; And

• Your waist measurement.

Here's what you'll need to do to find your body fat percentage:

1) Multiply your body weight by 1.082. Once you have your result, add that to 94.42. So, your calculation will be as follows:

(Body weight multiplied by 1.082) + 94.42 = Result 1

Save this number.

2) The result from this calculation will give you your lean body weight. Take your waist measurement and multiply that by 4.15. Once you have this result, subtract it from the number you obtained from step 1. This calculation will be as follows:

Result 1 - (Waist measurement multiplied by 4.15) = Lean body weight.

3) Lastly, your going to subtract your lean body weight from your total body weight. Once you have this result, your going to multiply that number by 100. One last step. Take that number and divide it by your total body weight. This will give you your percentage of body fat. This calculation will be as follows:

((Total body weight - Lean body weight) x 100) divided by your total body weight = Percentage of body fat.

Let's use an example. Let's say I weigh 200 pounds and I have a waist size of 34 inches. What is my percentage of body fat?

Step 1:

200 multiplied by 1.082 = 216.4
216.4 plus 94.42 = 310.82

Result 1 is 310.82

Step 2:

310.82 - (34 x 4.15) = 169.72

Result 2 says my lean body weight is 169.72 pounds.

Step 3:

((200 - 169.72) x 100) Divided by 200 = 15.14 %

Result 3 says my body fat percentage is 15.14.

So there you have it, a simple and somewhat accurate body fat calc. Remember, I would strongly advise you to invest in some body fat calipers or a weight scale that has this built in function. You can generally get body fat calipers at your local K-mart or Walmart. If you don't have access to any of these kinds of stores, simply order it online.

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