Fantastic New Muscle Building Resource

I just finished reviewing Will Brink’s new muscle building resource. “Bodybuilding Revealed” and I’m am totally impressed. I don’t think there’s any other resource quite like this one on the internet today. When Simon, over at Bodybuilding Revealed, sent me the link to review the site, I thought it was going to be a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. You know, nothing to serious.

After signing up and taking a look at the material, I immediately thought, “wow, this is fantastic”. The amount of useful information and software on the members site is overwhelming. I simply wanted to take a look around and check the site out but I found myself playing around with all the cool software they have and looking at the training and members videos.

Now, if your not familiar with Will Brink, he is a well-known trainer who has worked with many high-level athletes ranging from professional bodybuilders, Pro golfers, and fitness contestants to Olympic hammer throwers.

I originally reviewed his book, “Muscle Building Nutrition” a few years back and gave it a very favourable review because I thought is was a great resource. You can read my review here Muscle Building Nutrition Review

However, this new resource is something very different and one that is quite cutting edge. My impression of this new resource is that it’s a “one stop” shop where you get everything you need under one site. From workouts to nutrition, it’s all here.

Here’s what you get:

Body Building Revealed E-book - Over 600 pages of information regarding nutrition, training, and supplements. The main components of the book are:

• Nutrition and muscle building diet;
• Supplement reviews & advice (Over 50 reviews are included);
• Training - From beginner to advanced;
• Cardio / HIIT;
• Motivation and the mental edge.

Forums - A huge members forum that discusses everything there is to know about training, diet, supplements

Articles - A huge array of articles to choose from 9 different authors.

Meal Planner - Type in your weight, body type, age, and gender, and presto, you get a full breakdown of how many calories, protein, carbs, and fat you need to reach your goals.

Diet Planner - Provides you with a full dietary plan based on your goals. Ie: burning fat or bulking up. This program is simply fantastic. It gets rid of all the confusion of planning your diet.

Food Database - A complete database with macro nutrient values.

Exercise Videos - Download exercise videos on your pc and PDA.

Diets And Charts - Pre made diets (1,500 calories up to 6,000 calories). Workout charts and logs. You can even import these diets to your diet planner so you can have total control over the foods you need. I love the fact that you can choose from different training schedules. Also provides what you should be eating on non-workout days.

Also included are pre-made workouts from Will Brink and world strength trainer, Charles Poliquin. Includes workout and progress charts.

Members Gallery - Photos of members with a huge discussion board.

Resources - Pre-made diets and printable charts, body fat % calculator, and one rep max calculator.

This is a fantastic resource. If you have absolutely no clue how to plan your diet or training schedule, you have to take a look at this site. You get training videos to help you with your exercises and expert guidance from some of the world’s top trainers.

Check out Body Building Revealed Here

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