Body Blast Review

bodyblast by body ripped

The produce for this review is called Body Blast by Body Ripped. I paid approximately $58.

This product was cheap but an excellent find.  I was just over 16 and what could be defined as a 'skinny hard-gainer'.  I tried all kinds of products, but nothing worked as well as Body Blast and it was excellent at building new lean muscle mass, it skyrocketed my weight by ten kilos in a month! 

It also added over 20 Kilograms to my bench press in that short amount of time to.  I have this product to thank for my new found strength and body today.

This product is mainly for people with high metabolisms, because of its high energy content it works as an excellent post workout drink.  If your not sure about your metabolism, you may want to think about adding a bit of cardio to your routine or you may start gaining small amounts of fat as well.

On a scale of 1 - 5 for muscle building and mass gaining, this product would have to be ranked about 4

- Christopher

*Editors Note*

Body Blast is made by an Australian company called Body Ripped. This particular product can be classified as a weight gainer. Body Blast comes in two sizes, 2 Kg that sells for $54.95 AUD ($50 USD, $53 CAN), and 5 Kg that sells for about $114 AUD ($104 USD, $109 CAD).

This product is a high protein and high carbohydrate drink which is typical of weight gainers. According to the label, each 120 gram serving contains:

• 447 calories
• 52 grams of protein
• 4 grams of fat - 2.4 grams saturated
• 52 grams of carbohydrates - 46 grams from sugar

This is a pretty standard formula for a low end weight gainer. The main source of protein comes from whey concentrate (low end whey protein), and calcium caseinate. The main source of carbohdyrates comes from dextrose and fructose. You might want to look into the monster amount of sugar in this product before you purchase it. A can of coca cola has about 40 grams of sugar in every can and they're both made from fructose.

In terms of cost effectiveness, this product is a little overpriced. Your going to pay about $3.40 AUD per serving for the 2 KG container, and about $2.70 AUD for the 5 KG container.


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