Tony's Biceps Workout Routine

This routine is from Tony.

The routine is based on the tri set principle. Tri sets are exercises which are performed three at a time in quick succession. This routine will engorge your biceps with maximum amounts of blood.

Routine Type
Biceps Workout
Intermediate - Advanced
Pump the biceps
Build bigger biceps

Workout Schedule:

Biceps Workout
Biceps Workout

The Workout

Sets And Reps
1 x 20 reps (warm up)
4 x 8 reps


4 x 8 reps

4 x 8 reps

Perform in immediate succession - No resting.


Perform 20 or so light warm up reps on the preacher curl.

Mega Set

Load up a cambered bar to 1/2 of normal work set (25 lb plates work well). Have two dumbells ready to go that are half of normal curls(20 lb work well). Perform 8 strict curls, drop and grab the dumbells and perform 8 strict hammer curls. Drop the dumbbells and perform 8 strict reverse curls. Thats a set. If you can’t finish the final reverse curls drop the weight.

This will be done 4 times, the second set will start with the reverse curls, the third back to the original. Thats it.

Load up after with protein and dextrose shake.

Try it and feel your biceps like never before.


Editors Note*

Thanks Tony. This workout uses the “Tri Set” principle which can be very effective at increasing overall intensity levels, which will help improve muscle growth. This is an advanced technique, so I don’t recommend this type of routine for beginners. However, if you’ve been training for 3 to 4 months and are looking for something different, this may be a workout for you.

I also recommend that you don’t go overboard with this type of training. That is, try it out for 6 to 8 weeks and monitor your progress. This type of training is very hard and it is very easy to overtrain the upper arms.


Blake Bissaillion

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